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Desert Battle Revised 1.1

Submitted by Wakoo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Desert Battle take you in an immersive battlefield between 2 facts, the east and west got the same defence, and unit. The vehicle which can be taken by the players are devised in 2 class, and 2 sub-class, there is air and ground vehicle, fast, strong vehicle and support vehicle.

The air got the faster unit and can scout for the team partner, the ground is more valuable, but not as fast as air. In Desert Battle you must manage your energy to win, the energy is given by generator, and it's spent by the shield which give you more hit point and regeneration, special ability of your vehicle, and by your weapon. The weapons don't have auto fire system; to make a target, just do a normal fire; the auto fire is aborted when you order a movement, or cast ability. They can be disabled to save up your energy when you don't attack another player.

All the item take cargo you can see used cargo with your used food (at the top right), and store your item in the 'Storage Area' if you don't want sold it. To get more cargo you can build bigger vehicle too.

Your army is upgraded at the 11th minutes of the game. You can make manual upgrade at your workshop to gain the other front when your opponent is busy.

Official: http://desert-battle.the-frenchies.net/

Version Information

-NEW Simplified mod(no more class restriction, or cargo restriction)
-Removed level requirement
-Improved classification of the text
-Added the bonus when a player goes for a double, tripple, or multikill
-Added the bonus when there is a domination, and unstoppable, and a large bounty for the one able to kill it.
-In game Clock

-Nerfed the Blink
-Reduced the construction time of building to 20s(was 50s)

-Colour of player 6 in the respawn timer
-You can now repair the workshop
-The Tri Force cooldown now show properly
-The south could make an upgrade properly

-Every secondary weapon fire power has been doubled
-The player can now only build one tower, but it's a very long range and can get much higger firepower if it's near a friendly generator.

-Xp earn with empire unit has been increased
-Much upgraded map with new defense system of each base (by Ham Ham)

-Minor problem with leaderboard
-The rush mode for many player playing has been reduced, it was allways the double, now it's 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 50%, 20%.
-All weapon cooldown has been reduced a bit (20%), and damage a bit too (20%) to reduce the split chance (again...)

-Totally remade terrain, it's now tinier, but there is a kind of "Backdoor" to allow rushing the ennemy base.
-Added the possibility to build building(by the Commander, and Repair Bot) in the battlefield, 4 tower, and 2 support building.
-The building are shared between each player if one leaves.
-The respawn timer has been seriously reduced.
-Camera has been modified

Desert Battle, Tank, Technologic

Desert Battle Revised 1.2 (Map)

18:31, 18th Jun 2008 Septimus: You had been given a friendly advice and warning regarding about your map change log.
  1. 18:31, 18th Jun 2008

    You had been given a friendly advice and warning regarding about your map change log.