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DeathWing Hero unit

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Level 12
Jan 16, 2008
I need this for my

"Warcraft: Factions Reborn" map, I realize i havent updated it in a while. Too lazy, ive been focusing on finishing the Old horde and starting blood elves. Anyway Deathwing is a key hero unit.

Bigger then full size red dragons. Has that silver metal plater(w/e its called) On specific spots of his body(Head, sides, claws etc) hes decaying looking, Similar to frost wrymm on undead side. Oh and hes black. This may sound simple but i really dont think it is. To make it right atleast.

+rep for whoever attempes to make it and additional rep for finishing it(updates count too)

I've posted this before and no response. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would love to see this model. I bet General Frank would do great on it if he did it. Ive tried PMing him but i got no response.

Can someone please make this? I can be quite patient...
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