DeathKnight Cowboy

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• I got my very first model request from Malifestofphelis for like a few months ago, but since i didn't have so much free time

i had to delay the model request but, until recently i managed to finish it and decided to upload the requested model.

• I also did make another version of it and i named them both as: [ Dread & Runic ]


-I also have to mention these people for letting me use parts of their resources:

• Used the Jacket from Stefan.K's Dark Paladin_Direfury model.
• i also copied some alternate animations from HerrDave's Ringwraith pack (War of the Ring).
• and lastly this model was Malifestofphelis's idea.

Thanks you guys

-Progression Screenshots:


• fixed all the issues found within the model

• fixed the "Spell Slam alternate" animation did not work properly


DeathKnight Cowboy (Dread) (Model)

DeathKnight Cowboy (Runic) (Model)

General Frank
Very cool custom model and excellent use of in-game textures. Lovely animations! Great job!