Death Knight Mounted

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My version of mounted DK. Here is nothing especial, but I hope this model will be usefull for mapmakers:)

Death Knight Mounted (Model)

Death Knight Mounted Icons (Icon)

Death Knight Mounted Portrait (Model)

Level 7
Jul 26, 2015
Really great model. Looks really strong. Finally a Not-Arthas-Deathknight!

One thing: The name of your portrait file is not 100% in sync with the main file.
Either the -ed of Mounted is missing in "Death_Knight_Mount.mdx" or the "Mounted"-ed is too much in "Death_Knight_Mounted_Portrait.mdx".
If you do not adjust this manually in the asset manager, it will not load the portrait correctly in-game.

Edit, 02.04.:
I've only seen and changed that now:
Was my post with you for so long about other things not related to the model as indicated for me?

I didn't write that. Where did that come from?
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