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Dead Forest

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Level 6
Apr 4, 2011
Abandoned in forest, 3 survivors must do what ever it takes to survive a mass of undead or known as the zombie. You must do what ever it takes to get out of the dead forest like protecting your friends,building an outpost or base or prevent the cause of this biohazard event that would even wipe out the nation or even the entire world.You will meet allies along the way.There would be betrayal and death.

How to Play:You are one of the 3 survivors.This game is survival/RPG.The game is easy to play all you have to do is finish quests,do huntings(NOTE:HUNTING is not a quest) and survive and do the last thing:kill Azioran and his whole base!


Chapter 1: SURVIVE
Zombies here aren't hard to kill but in the end of the chapter the boss is a more deadly and serious zombie.

Zombie-Duhh the "NORMAL" everyday zombie.
Axe Zombie-This are brutal with the weapon as axe.
Spitter Zombie-Spits poisonous sludge at you.
Chainsaw Zombie-This are more deadlier than the axe guy.
Dead Hound-Hounds of hunters had died here now the man's best friend are no-friend anymore.
Saber Zombie-Zombies with saber,this zombies are fast like ninja.
Doom-This zombie is a hard zombie that is going to appear in Chapter 3.This zombie must protect it's master's base.Since this zombie is fat,dangerous,fast and deadly you must dodge it's every attack at all cost otherwise you will be dead.

Chapter 2: DESPAIR
One of your friend dies without the will to live anymore.Avenge your friend and continue on foot that has the darkest secrets.

Longsword Zombie-Zombies that carries longswords.
Swamp Nightmare-Zombies of the swamp, 1 hit only but deals serious poisonous damage at you.
Swamp Monstrosity-Like the swamp guy but this is more deadlier.
Dead Bullfrog-Bullfrog that has the ability to lick you at a long range.
Minions of Doom-Minions of Doom had come to kill you and protect Doom.
Blader-More viscous than the saber guy.
A.C.U-Automatic Carnage Unit or A.C.U for short.This unit is a zombie you don't want to mess with because it gives off gases of poison so where a hazmat helm or suit(NOTE:You can buy the helm or suit in the base).
Destroy the air vents so you can breathe normally.It also drops a gun called the M4A1 and 5 Med-Kits.

Chapter 3: Revelations
Azioran had revived Doom but this time it's more deadly.One of your friend betrayed and worked for Azioran to give him power no one has ever known.

Razorman-Fast and brutal this zombie is hard to kill.
Hellhound-Hounds the came from hell whatsoever.
Dark Cutter-Zombies that carry a bardiche.
Roper-Zombies with long tongues capable of tying you up.
Bladeback Zombie-Zombies with spiky blade at it's back,it rolls like a tire to reach you.
Leaper-Zombies that leap at a short distance.
Great Leaper-Zombies that leap at a normal distance.
Greater Leaper-The last of the leaper set,this zombie leaps at a high distance.
Ripper Zombie-Like the grim ripper it's head is like a skull and carries a scythe.
Void Hound-Hounds that teleports.Drops void gun.
Doom-Again?Why?It's because Azioran revived it and it's more powerful because one of your friends betrayed you.It will drop an M249 LMG and a 3 sets.

Chapter 4: Last Courage
After killing Doom, Azioran shows himself then transforms himself into the final boss that uses telekinesis,cryokinesis,pyrokinesis and metamorphosis.

Last Boss
Azioran-After doing what's left under his sleeves he manage to transform himself into the last boss.
Creating a cage of ice to trap you is his first weapon so use the flamethrower to destroy the ice.
Firing fiery vengeance at you equip a fire protection suit.
Teleporting is his third weapon so use a void gun.
At last he transforms into bosses you defeated but it's easy to kill.
Using the Time Bomb your friend has activated,your sacrificed himself in order maintain peace at the forest.
Now the helis had arrived,you finished the game.
Level 1
Feb 18, 2012
tell me if u want a beta tester i can help with that nothing else srry >.<
dont know how to make maps yet working on learning tho ;)
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