dark elf watcher skin

Level 1
Aug 29, 2017
Hello @stein123,
i am currently working on a new campaign about the drow and therefore it would be nice to have some nice looking models for them as well. However, so many drow model here were taken down. When i was looking for them i stumbled across a conversation between you and the User Teldorei, were he needed a skin for the drow watcher. [If i recall, 67Chrome made a drow skin for the watcher a loooong time ago, stein123, Sep 2, 2017 ]. According to chrome67 [oh, sorry for the late response. But the models i'm skinning into drow are: Blood elf lieutenant, high elf archer, succubus, priest, jaina, warden, and sylvanas. I've done some other D&D stuff to, turned the shaman into a bugbear etc. Aug, 26, 2011] there were more models like the drow lieutenant, the watcher, and the archer. Do you have them? and if yes, are you able to send me them? it would be very nice. I cant find them anywhere else and i looked for ages!
Sorry for my bad english but im not a native speaker nor am I good in this language