Dagger Girl WoW Rip

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Just uploading a random wow rip. Base model from Wc3 underground.

Her portrait is completely black for me. I tried making a new camera, but it's still black. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be much appreciated.

Dagger Girl WoW Rip (Model)

this is weird
i think it's a problem with extents
i got it to work by moving the model down the z axis by 50 during portrait anims
but the extents didn't change even after i did that and recalculated them after
Awesome, that worked perfectly. I have added it to the main post. Thanks.
Well mate, I have to say it's bloody hard to find the new base model on the internet. May I ask for the new URL of the wc3 underground? I will appreciate it.
I believe the Discord link is discord.gg/RSwsnvV.