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Actually bothered to watch the video, and turns out it should be it's own thread (sort of, I'm tempted to delete it because it's kinda pointless).

But whatever, people are overly sensitive irl and overly sensitive online, doesn't really matter where they're doing it
If ABC wants to make a movie about it, go ahead - it's not like anyone's going to watch it
Level 25
Apr 27, 2008
To point out few things:
"1,241 Views 149 likes, 2,934 dislikes "

"This is an issue that so many people are dealing with. And again, if you need help, check out StompoutBullying.org, and for those who are in need of immediate help/assistance, they can go to the website or call the Stomp Out Bullying hotline at 855-790-HELP."

Cyberbully promo #2 - Premieres July 17
That was a close one! my birthday is in July 18

I watched until 47 seconds and could not make myself watch more, the music was my sign to get out of there.

That movie makes Facebook looks like 4chan.
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