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Custom text not showing on first load

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Vague title.

I have imported a .tff (font) and the war3mapskin.txt and war3campaignMisc.txt which sets the font used.

Now the issue is that when the map is started (both from Test Map and from ingame) it will use the default font.
When the map is either restarted or exited and started again the custom font will be used (even in the menu, but that's fine).

The question is. Can I make the map use my imported font the first time the map is started so a restart is unnecessary?

Actually this only seem to be a problem with floating texts. But since I need them to use the custom font as well, I would still like a solution.
Yes, the exception is with floating texts. It just sees your change too late/sets the text tag data too early on. You can pick an alternative for your text tags like TextSplat.

Ah... that seems to much of a hassle for just floating texts.
What I think I'll do instead is to simply reload the map the first time a player starts it up, using the game cache to detect if the map has already loaded once.
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