Custom MPQ + SharpCraft + JNGP

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Dec 15, 2012
Hi, i working on my mod. I using my custom self executing MPQ archive, created with Ladik's MPQ editor and MPQ draft, and SharpCraft natives.

I have these issues:
When i start my own created executable, data archive is loaded correctly, but Sharp natives not work.

In NewGen editor archive is loaded correctly, but:
When i test my map from NewGen Editor, archive is not loaded, because path is not set correctly, but Sharp natives work.

There are my questions: :vw_wtf:
Is there even any way how to use custom Sharp natives with custom MPQ ?

If is it possible, how to run map testing from NewGen with both toggether (natives+MPQ) ??

// different explanation of my problem
I want make single player RPG campaign. I using my own executable MPQ archive, created via Ladik's MPQ editor and MPQ Draft. All working well.
I using my own MPQ archive, because its faster and simpler ... Is realy easy create MPQ package, (faster and simpler than direct importing to .w3n campaign file), and i can create self executable MPQ with few mouse clicks ...
Also in WorldEditor saving and loading campaign is much faster when campaign file contain only maps, not imported files, and i quess, loading campaign/map in game will be also faster(i not test this idea). Thus i make decision using custom MPQ.

But, i also using SharpCraft, because SharpCraft allow me using of custom natives in jass ( => i can simulate RPG functionalities and create RPG game in Warcraft engine, not just strategy with one Hero :) ) (Pls believe me, i have good reason using SharCraft :) )

So, this is the core and marrow and essence of problem:
How to inject custom SharpCraft natives to my own executable ?
I can run game via .bat file distributed with SharpCraft, this .bat script run sharpcraft in game mode, < make some stuff that i dont understand, like fetching warcraft executable adresses, i quess >, and run Frozen Throne with custom natives, and in map custom natives work.
I also use JNGP 2.07, SharpCraft incuded in this package, i can use custom natives in editor too. Test map button work well, also run Frozen Throne with natives ...
Question is, how to redirect SharpCraft, not to run with Frozen Throne, but with my custom executable. Is very important to me.
Sorry for my english, if something is not incomprehensible, i can explain that.
I PM MindWorx, developer of SharpCraft, but with no reply, so i quess MindWorx have no time.
I will be very glad for any help.
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Dec 15, 2012
I start NewGen as administrator, when i test map, Sharp natives are loaded, MPQ not loaded ... What i need is custom self executing MPQ archive (that i have, created by MPQ draft) working with injected Sharp natives ... so maybe change some path in some SharpCraft settings or create .bat script that run my executable MPQ and SharpCraft toggether, i don't know ...