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Custom Cursor

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In a map I am making I am trying to create a custom cursor.

Problem is I do not know which of the cursors in the MPQ does what.

When I open the cursor file there are about 7 gauntlets that make up the human cursor. I do not know what these are for as they all are the same. If someone could show me which one goes to what such as which cursor is for over an enemy unit and such it would be appreciated.
Level 7
Dec 29, 2006
as far as i know, unless you plan on having your cursor animated you only need to pick one. there are many gauntlets because the gauntlet opens and closes its hand. so i am sure its ok to just edit one and have it work fine. as for importing it into your map there was something on the site a little bit ago that showed how to do it. if you search a little bit im sure you will find it, if you don't know how to do already.

*edit* i found this if you need it.

The file madcat2 posted is an image file (.blp). It's REALLY just a skin.

So, import it into your map and set the custom path to:


Then save the map, close WE, reopen it, and test the map in-game. Easy as pie!
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