Custom Campaign that ignores WoW lore

Level 9
Mar 16, 2018
Hello everyone!
I just wanted to know what the community's reaction will be ,in 2020, if a custom campign uses Warcraft 3 Manual as the source of authority instead of WoW Chronicle.
There was a custom campaign called "Rise of the Lich King" which ignored all of WoW lore but still it was successful. But times is now 2020 so should I use Chronicle or Wc3 Manual for my campaign?
Level 11
May 9, 2009
I am planning something similar though I am using a mix of warcraft 1, warcraft 2, warcraft 3 and a bit of my own ideas with bits of pieces such as rivers a bit of map information taken from WoW though if there's any conflict WoW is always the one to give ground.

WoW lore stopped taking itself seriously when they launched their alternate universe where all orcs turned brown and then another alternate universe that only exists for the purpose of movies. It really is one big can of worms with all sorts of crazy things happening so I completely understand why you wouldn't want to involve yourself with it.

I think the successfulness of it depends more on other factors not on what game you base the lore. If it's a good campaign with a cool story and memorable characters it'll probably take off regardless of less significant details like the lore of it.
Level 4
Feb 21, 2021
My fav campaigns here were the ones that totally went for personal ideas. We're here making custom stuff in good fun. I have zero clue of Wow lore. To me you should do what you feel like