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Curse of Time RPG: Nevermore v1.33.15b

Submitted by legendcrazyman, Mayday
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Curse of Time - Nevermore is a multiplayer RPG map, where players can choose from 19 different heroes each with custom abilities to explore dungeons, fight bosses, build bases, craft sets, upgrade items, adventure through worlds, experience multiple mini-games, acquire items through proficiency systems, progress through a prestige system and try to reach the 400+ level cap!


  • [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  • [​IMG]
    Waugriff originally created Curse of Time as a pencil and paper role playing game, then brought his dream to life using the World Editor. He created what is known now as the Curse of Time RPG which is said to be the first rpg on Warcraft to feature a save/load system. He then developed its second version, Curse of Time Plains of Medea, which had more content and a new level 300 cap.

    After Waugriff left the project, darkchaos took over and expanded the map and increased the level cap from 300 to 999, as well as creating a second world, the "Chaos World". His additions made CoT very popular, as the original was a much loved game by early Warcraft fans. However development stopped after the map became not openable and thus not in a working condition.

    Many years after darkchaos quit, Hotwer had found a way to continue development by making the the map operable in the editor once again. That was the start of the third version - Nevermore. Since then, we have had a many developers work on the project - CanFight, tomekneip and of course Hotwer.
    The current team is made of myself, (Mayday) & lcm.

  • [​IMG]
    [​IMG] 19 Heroes carefully crafted to be exciting and fun to play - all with custom abilities.
    [​IMG] Dungeons & Bosses - a challenge is at the core of the experience.
    [​IMG] Personal Bases - build your own kingdom and command an army, become rich and dominate others.
    [​IMG] Crafting - gather materials to create sets or upgrade boss items.
    [​IMG] 2 Worlds - each with their own series of challenges and enemies.
    [​IMG] Prestige System - This map has two separate codes, one which holds the hero, and the other one which holds your profile information. Prestige Heroes give bonuses to all other heroes you have.
    [​IMG] Proficiency system - All items are usable by anyone, but they will not retain their stats. If you hold an item not for your weapon/armor type, you will only get 60% of the original attributes bonuses.
    [​IMG] Minigame & Events - You will always have something new or exciting to do.
    [​IMG] Scaling XP System - As you level up, progress becomes more challenging.
    [​IMG] Codeless Saving - Simply enable local files to instantly load your profile and hero through a quick dialogue selection box.

  • [​IMG]

    Changelog 1.33.15b

    Teleporting home shows a progress bar

    Grand Troll Nation cost reduced to 15,000 gold and 10,000 lumber

    Arcanist: New model

    Arcanist: Arcane Bolts (Q) - Increased projectile range to match max cast range, raised cooldown from 15 to 30 seconds, increased damage AoE

    Arcanist: Arcane Storm (W) - Reworked to “Arcane Barrage”

    Arcanist: Arcane Barrier (E) - Duration lowered from 8 to 6 seconds, AoE raised from 400 to 450, cooldown raised from 45 to 60 seconds.

    Arcanist: Time Shift (F) - Reworked to “Control Time”

    Arcanist: Sky Teleportation (R) - Cooldown raised from 60 to 90 seconds and renamed to Arcane Shift

    Arcanist: Space Time Ripple (T) - Cooldown raised from 180 to 300 seconds

    Elite Marksman: Sniper Stance (E) - Now reduces your movespeed to 100 instead of stopping movement, has synergy with assault helicopter

    Elite Marksman: Assault Helicopter (W) - Reworked

    Elite Marksman: Hand Grenade (R) - Now has synergy with assault helicopter, adjusted to be easier to use

    Hydromancer: Frost Blast (Q) - More responsive and does appropriate damage according to tooltip

    Hydromancer: Whirlpool (W) - Reduced duration by 1 second across all levels

    High Priestess: Triage (F) - Now can target summons, increased range to 850 from 500 and now drains 2% max mana per tick

    Dark Savior: Metamorphosis (R) - Increased base attack cooldown from 0.4 to 0.6 seconds

    Dark Savior: Dark Blade (F) - Now usable in metamorphosis and costs no mana per hit

    Bard: Encore (Q) - Song of war buff is now limited to 20 attacks per player and scaling reduced from 0.5x main stat per level to 0.25x

    Bard: Tone of Death (R) - Raised cooldown from 18 to 20 seconds, reduced scaling from (1, 2, 3) to (1, 1.5, 2) times intelligence

    Bloodzerker: New model

    Bloodzerker: Blood Cleave (E) - Renamed to Blade Mastery (includes the two passives Blood Cleave and Blood Leech)

    Bloodzerker: Rampage (R) - No longer drains hp below 20% max health and % drain per level changed from (2,3,4,5,6,7,8) to (3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6), now increases Blood Leech chance as well and no longer reduces healing effectiveness

    Oblivion Guard: Chaos Wave (W) - Reworked to “Magnetic Shockwave”

    Oblivion Guard: Flame Aura (E) - Reworked to “Infernal Strikes”

    Thunder-Blade: Base Physical Damage taken reduced from 250% to 200%

    Arcane Warrior: Arcane Might (E) - scalings changed, made non-stackable

    Elementalist: Ice and Lightning (R) - Reworked to “Elemental Storm”

    Warrior: Counter Strike - Now deals damage in an AoE around the warrior on counter-attack

    Buffed summoned doom guard and fel stalker armor

    Mink’s medean curse now reduces only 400 armor

    Gave hellfire shield to several prechaos bosses to make them less nukeable

    Lots of tooltip fixes

    Buffed Absolute Horror stats and lowered true stealth AoE

    Heroes don’t cost food anymore

    Nation units now have upgrades

    Research centers are no longer useless

    Buzan no longer enrages from weak immolation effects

    Ancient Hydras in training no longer drop fangs or heads

    Added -tome command to show your total stats and tome cap

    Medean nation units nerfed

    Research centers of nations now contain 3 upgrades for HP, Damage, Armor

    Prechaos sets now give sub-stat bonuses, 15 for ursine, 30 for ogre, 60 for unbroken, 90 for magnataur

    Evil shopkeeper has new locations and no longer appears on minimap (the black dot)

    Removed the spell shield from legion armor items (doesn’t work on most spells anyways)

    Added new ashen vat recipe “Drum of War”

    All fullplate and tank set items now have a 50 movement speed penalty.

    Removed % movement speed bonus from war drums

    Movement speed cap raised to 600

    Base movement speeds of heros, items, and abilities adjusted

    Removed initial 30 minute wait to save after loading a hardcore character

    Changed unit of measurement to minutes for save timer

    Azazoth now has 50% innate magic resistance

    Azazoth items now may be upgraded up to legendary +2 (except for sphere only going to normal +2)

    Reworked “Darkest of Darkness” to “Dark Bulwark”

    Removed restriction of having multiple souls for Existence Soul and Dark Bulwark

    Shields that block flat damage have been rebalanced to reduce damage after attack type modifiers and armor reduction as well as stacking with other shields

    Boss loot chest models changed

    Shipyard removed due to no use in multiple releases (rip i had such nice plans for you</3)

    Infinity tower removed due to no use in multiple releases

    Removed black mask transition when Sins spawn

    There is now a 30% for a night in chaos to not spawn Sins (Sinless Night)

    Items with a upgrade discount show what item is required in Item Info, -info command updated to note this

    Dropping health items and picking them back up no longer keeps your health at the same percentage

    Home and Nation units are capped by limits instead of food

    Reduced the invisiblity potion’s duration by 30 seconds and raised the price slightly

    Vampiric potion changed to be useful later on

    Added another potion ability to backpacks to use non health/mana potion consumables (such as invis and vampiric potion)

    Redesigned bottom left devourer/existence cave

    Forgotten barracks now trains forgotten units every 60 seconds

    Legendary ring of existence now uses the rare variant as a discount item

    Redesigned bottom right orc/forgotten area

    Added new command “-autosave” which will automatically save every 30 minutes regardless of where you are (even in hardcore), if an autosave fails it will try again every 30 seconds until a save is successful

    The Horde quest is now located in town and is required to obtain the Key of Valor

    Dungeon addition: The Coral Spire

    ) Replaced prestige system with a possible loot drop (token) that allows you to prestige

    ) 3 floors of different enemies, 3rd floor being the boss

    ) Features: time limit, rewards between rooms, enemies have strong abilities, level 380+

    ) Legendary Ring of Existence +2 is no longer required for heroes to prestige

    ) Interactive boss fight

    Nation Changes:

    -Chaos wisps revamped

    ) Spirit Lounge/Abode Wisp - limit 1, 2,600 returns /5s

    ) Demon’s Blood - limit 1, 7,500 returns /5s

    ) Demon’s Spirit - limit 1, 15,750 returns /5s

    -Nation building upgrade reduced from 180s -> 60s build time

    Bug fixes:

    Dimensional bow is now colored appropriately

    Struggle units have correct armor/attack types

    Goblin farms model replaced to correct black screen issue

    Nerubian farm upgrade no longer grows in pathing size

    Waug’s ring now says limit of 1 in tooltip

    Changelog 1.33.14b

    Elementalist: Ball of Lightning (Q) - Lowered visual hitbox to 80
    Royal Guardian: Block - Now adds to total evasion instead of being separate
    Increased cast range of Devastation on Staff of Azazoth to fit the ability range

    Bug Fixes:
    elementalist lightning damage effect remains after changing to a different hero
    colo/struggle not giving xp
    Abilities involving pathing suddenly not working / chaos night breaking
    Chaos units dealing slightly less damage than usual
    Food made from farms staying after repicking
    Black dragonwhelp bag not appearing
    Unable to grab velreon guard
    Absolute horror drops have “click to use” in the tooltip

    Changelog 1.33.13b

    SEMI code wipe (as a change in the system will cause some broken saves to stop functioning, some of your characters may still work but this change is needed in order to prevent future breaking of loads)

    Dark Savior: Shadow Shockwave, Freezing Blast, and Medean Lightning mana costs reduced

    Dark Savior: Shadow Shockwave (E) - Now actually deals damage

    Dark Savior: Dark Sword (F) - Int scaling increased from 0.06 to 0.3, Mana cost reduced from 2% to 1%

    Dark Savior: Freezing Blast (Q) - Hitbox increased

    Dark Savior: Medean Lightning (W) - Visuals improved (now actually jumps to targets)

    Dark Savior: Meteor Shower (T) - Completely reworked to “Dark Seal”

    Dark Savior: Model change (Hero + Metamorphosis)

    Dark Savior: Metamorphosis (R) - Changed visual effects & projectile

    Phoenix Ranger: Phoenix Flight (Q) - Fixed bug where you could become stuck in cliffs

    Phoenix Ranger: Phoenix Flight (Q) - New visuals

    Phoenix Ranger: Flaming Bow (W) - Multi-Shot no longer works while active and new projectile visual

    Phoenix Ranger: Multi-Shot - hotkey changed to (E)

    Assassin: Blinding Shuriken (Q) - Hitbox increased from 75 to 200 and blinding effect removed

    Assassin: Phantom Slash (T) - Hitbox increased from 75 to 200, damage multiplier increased to 2x from 1.5x agi and activation mechanic changed to quick cast

    Assassin: Smokebomb (E) - Ability no longer causes enemies to miss, now gives allies increased evasion (see evasion change)

    Assassin: Dagger Storm (R) - Range increased to match max casting range

    Oblivion Guard: Meteor (Q) - Improved visuals

    Oblivion Guard: Chaos Wave (W) - Reduced visuals slightly to reduce lag

    Savior: Divine Judgement (Q) - Cooldown changed from 12 (all levels) to 13, 11, 9, 7 respectively

    Thunder-Blade: Thunder-Dash (Q) - Changed collision visual slightly

    Thunder-Blade: Monsoon (W) - Cast range increased from 300 to 800

    Bloodzerker: Rampage (R) - No longer cuts down heal from blood cleave

    Dark Summoner: Removed leash on minions

    High Priestess: Greater Restoration (T) - Reworked into Resurrection

    High Priestess: Protection (R) - Duration upped by 1 second, duration now scales with spellboost

    Increased the colosseum XP regain rate slightly after dropping below 100%

    Evasion items / abilities now stack bonuses and may be viewed in item info and hero info

    Evasion shows up as “Dodged!” above your character when you dodge a physical attack

    Talisman of Evasion and Worm Skin evasion lowered to 10%

    Changed shield color to teal/cyan

    Enemies too close to heros when respawning no longer have collision (prevents trapping)

    Wandering Death Knight’s Death Strike now targets units

    Long range spells grab enemy aggro correctly now

    Lowered spellboost reduction on rain, heavy rain, chaotic rain and siphoning mist

    Fixed The Horde quest not completing immediately on the last orc kill

    Fixed issue with Dark Savior metamorphosis and Elite Marksman stance making them incredibly weak during transformation (usually results in death if being attacked)

    Adjusted goblin sheep farm prices (80, 800, 8000) -> (100, 500, 3000)

    Clarified the tooltips when a base is constructed

    -as and -speed now show bonus attack speed as well

    Nerfed overall DPS of demons

    Boss levels now reflect item level requirements in pre-chaos

    Disabled pathing in the corridor between the top middle base and dragoon (mink) lair

    Flying units no longer take damage from lava (zeppelin)

    -give command simplified with dialog buttons so you only need to type -give

    New cursor

    New command button icons

    Legion & Death Knight no longer roam near town

    Fel Stalker, Doom Guard, Red Drake item summons are now useful up to bears/ogres

    Demon Prince now bloodlusts at 50% HP and below for +50% attack speed and +50% movement speed

    Demon Prince heart and bloody weapons level requirement changed to 190

    Demon Prince heart now charges from damage dealt and hits taken

    Added armor items for demon prince heart to blacksmith forge options (requires hits taken)

    Lowered leech shield restock rate from 180 -> 60 seconds

    Dark Summoner summons now escape colosseum and struggle with her

    Backpack directly picks up items without issue

    New Chaos Boss: Absolute Horror (located above blacksmith) drops reagents for ashen vat crafting

    Jewel of the Horde grunts no longer have item slots

    Buzan The Fearless (town paladin) is now more powerful and becomes visibly enraged when attacked

    Fixed movement toggle stopping suddenly and made it much smoother

    Actions skill on hero relocated to position (0,0 - top left) on command card

    Minotaur Boss has all his droppable items equipped (stays about same power level)

    Gigaworm redesigned, items updated and tooltips corrected

    Naga Sea Witch (Vashj) no longer runs to the water

    Chaotic home tooltips updated with level requirements

    Forgotten Leader now has an ability to charge into nearby heros for massive damage

    Existence Soul is now a shield and has an additional 2500 armor bonus


    When you die a custom grave will appear allowing you to handle the revive process much better

    Reincarnation: Renamed to Ankh of Reincarnation in accessories shop

    Ankh of Reincarnation / Extra Lives / Sword of Revival now revive with 10% max hp / mana


    New system to improve holding aggro using a hold-position order

    May be initially toggled in actions (Z) or by using the commands (-tank / -notank)


    Nations updated & replaced: Now include Nerubian / Tuskarr / Goblin / Troll

    Each race has a quality they excel at compared to the others

    Nerubian - Best at harvesting gold when multiple mines are available

    Tuskarr - Best at harvesting lumber

    Goblin - Best at harvesting gold when only one mine is available

    Troll - Can be purchased at start of a new hero and offers cheaper units for early game set up

    Nations now have useable units for the early stages of the game, up to ogres

    Nations can now be upgraded directly to Grand Nations, retaining all income/army set up they previously had while gaining a massive boost of experience

    Homes updated & replaced: Now limited only to Cardboard Box / Bandit Hideout

    Box - remains the cheapest option for the start of game, with larger experience rate than nations

    Bandit Hideout - offers the same experience with some basic units to help you on your journey through Medea.

    Grand Homes updated & replaced: Now limited to Medean Court / Castle of the Gods

    Medean Court - Changed to be more like a home

    Castle of the Gods - Now has a level 40 requirement to pick up


    Codeless now has a delete character slot feature! (Deleting a prestiged character will result in bonuses lost)

    You may now load characters that you have already prestiged (Although you may not prestige them again)

    Codeless is now “forced”

    You may bring up the hero selection dialog with -loadh after repicking (Only if you haven’t saved yet)

    Known Issue: If your folder has gaps in slots (For example: https://tony.s-ul.eu/vtEWyXAu) your hero selection menu may not pop up, contact me if you have this issue)

    Changelog 1.33.12b

    * You may now -forcesave anywhere on the map, requires you to type a string of characters if outside the church / tavern
    * Enemies no longer despawn, if a player is nearby when they respawn they will be invulnerable and paused until there is no player nearby
    * Elementalist: Ball of Lightning (Q) - AoE increased to match the tooltip (180, 220, 260, 300) and cooldown reduced from (8, 9, 10, 11) to (11, 10, 9, 8)
    * Elementalist: Ice and Lightning (R) - Cooldowns reduced from (145, 135, 125) to (100, 90, 80) seconds
    * Elementalist: Armor of the Elements (E) - Reworked

    Bug Fixes:

    * houses disappearing after being built
    * -destroy base / -db kills hero panels
    * random crashes
    * team colo / struggle become stuck
    * naga units having chaotic boss armor
    * azazoth staff dealing no damage
    * legendary legion suit tools tips incorrect / missing regeneration
    * Weather tooltips being cut off

    Changelog 1.33.11b
    • Fixed -commands not displaying properly
    • Fixed -color causing crashes
    • Fixed being unable to save
    • Fixed Dark Summoner summons being respawnable at homes
    • Colosseum and Struggle fixed
    • Added list of colors codes to F9
    • Building in town is now forbidden!! (blame tasty)
    • Fixed the wolf howling every 20 seconds
    • Known issues:
      Sudden game crash (unknown reason)

    Changelog 1.33.10b

    • Attack/Armor types now reflect hero weapon/armor (Green damage bonus from class modifier removed, translated into damage types for more clarity)
    • Item colorization for easier finding (Red= STR, Green= AGI, Blue= INT; Review discord #news for more information)
    • Kill-quest tooltips updated to match each other
    • Base attack value / armor value of units & heroes changed
    • Gods area bridges are now easier to see
    • New cooldown effect on spells/usable items, tells you % out of 100 and glows for a brief second when it’s ready to be used again
    • New: Tome of Unlearning - removes 50 from all stats with no refund (cannot go below 20)
    • Hero innate resistances rethought / rebalanced
    • Leech shield changed to reduced all incoming damage by 20%, regardless of range / piercing type
    • Codeless Save/Load dialog now has a “Next Page” button
    • Bloodzerker: Blood Frenzy (F) - no longer gives bonus % attack speed or movement speed, now increases base attack speed by 10%, duration reduced from 15 -> 10 seconds and cooldown reduced from 17 -> 13 seconds
    • Repicking and saving a new character actually creates a new slot, not overwriting an existing one
    • Colosseum: Weather no longer affects colosseum
    • Phoenix Ranger: Multishot (F) - no longer slows movement speed
    • Good weather now lasts significantly longer compared to bad weather
    • Hydromancer: Blizzard (R) - No longer requires channeling; duration slightly lowered, cooldown upped to 8/10/12/14 seconds, and damage scaling changed from 50% int at all levels to 25/50/75/100% int
    • Hydromancer: Whirlpool (E) - Cooldown changed to 15 across all levels, duration changed to 5/7/9/11 seconds at respective level, duration expires faster by 10% per enemy unit, 100% per enemy hero, damage is now dealt every second instead of 15 times a second; damage adjusted to match this change.
    • Hydromancer: Tidal Wave (T) - No longer deals damage, now applies a debuff
    • Savior: Savior’s Guidance (W) - Reworked, now can shield himself and allies to mitigate damage taken
    • Backpack now has its own tiny vision radius
    • Da’s Dingo slow duration reduced drastically
    • Dimensional enemies’ armor, regen, and health lowered
    • Legion Suit (agility) now has a regeneration bonus
    • Advanced Settings: Added the option to display an allies’ hero on the left side of your screen (as if they were your own hero)
    • Advanced Settings: Added the option to toggle your own damage numbers on / off
    • Removed Staff of Teleportation from utility merchant
    • Silence removed from Unbroken monsters
    • Food cap upped by 1 for every home
    • Food cap updates correctly on level up
    • Added -hidetown / -townhide command to deal with frame drops in town
    • Increased XP gain in prechaos
    • Thunder-Blade: Bladestorm (E) - Tooltip clarified, duration increased by one second, and single target damage scaling increased
    • Elementalist: Master of Elements (F) - Ice aura no longer wakes up enemies
    • Intro cinematic sped up 10~ seconds
    • Blackmask removed from night to day transition in chaos
    • Master Rogue: Nerve Gas (E) - Damage formula changed and tooltip simplified for clarification
    • Sins may now be killed for gold
    • Items are now cleared from the ground when the last player completes the afk check (-####)
    • Legion no longer teleports randomly across the map
    • Health bars have been changed to include 4-box selection (25% values)
    • Convert 1,000,000 gold & lumber to platinum & arcadite now have new icons respectively
    • Legendary Legion item upgrades are now appropriately priced and balanced
    • Boss respawn corrected
    • FPS drops removed
    • -color # command to change in-game color (all 24 colors are available)
    Changelog 1.33.9b
    • Fixed item recipes not removing ingredients properly
      Upgrade item prices are moved to Item Info, (-prices tells you where it is now located)
    • Upgrading items with discounts is more fluid (doesn’t matter whether the items are in backpack or hero)
    • Brian/Pinky/Omega picks save and level requirements lowered to 75, attack-speed bonus text removed (never gave attack-speed), and now give bonus damage
    • Move item is much faster and does not hang
    • Siphoning mist no longer affects enemy attack-speed
    • Healing abilities targeted on backpacks now heal the respective owners’ hero
    • Quests now have hotkeys
    • Adjustments to backpack made so teleports are casted consistently and building bases with it is not difficult
    • Forgotten enemies balanced to be killable. Forgotten Leader drops lexium crystal instead of fortress.
    • Sins have much less damage and armor now
    • Update to Demon Prince and Forgotten Leader appearance
    • Paladin World: REMOVED, players lower than level 170 no longer are removed from the main map
    • NEW: Training Area, access by the Paladin next to the Huntsman
    • Upped well spawn rate
    • Bard: Song of War Encore (Q) now empowers attacks for 5 seconds, instead of only one attack
    • Bard: Songs of the Traveler (F) cool-down reduced from 30 to 5
    • Bard: Tone of Death (R) reworked
    • Assassin: Phantom Slash (T) learn requirement reduced from level 300 to level 150 and now applies the debuff “Marked for Death”
    • Assassin: Dagger Storm (R) now pierces enemies but each dagger deals 5% less damage on consecutive enemies
    • Assassin: Smoke Bomb (E) is now obtainable earlier on and also reduces movement speed
    • Elite Marksman: Assault Helicopter (W) cleaned up to have better leash and draws aggro instead of making enemies flee
    • Elite Marksman: Sniper Stance (E) crit numbers adjusted -- now resets the cooldown on Tri-Rocket and lowers the cooldown to 3 seconds while sniper stance is active
    • Master Rogue: Fixed Nerve Gas (E) dealing too much damage in chaos and the ability has been clarified visually
    • Master Rogue: Blink Strike (Q) cooldown adjusted from 10/9/7/14 to 10/9/8/7, damage scaling adjusted accordingly, and no longer cancels when a unit runs out of range
    • Punching bags now show proper DPS dealt
    • Hydromancers skills "Ice Prison (e)" and "Whirlpool (w)" missing visual effects
    • respawn and despawn protection from mobs stop working
    • tome of all stats tooltip is incorrect, gives 100% all stats not 60%
    • random villagers around the map
    • polar shield actually gives 40 armor not 35
    • Searing Blade's tooltip says level requirement is 60 (actually is 50)
    • level restrictions occasionally messing up
    • savior Q doesn't hit enemies behind the first one, damage is corrected
    • demon-nation purchase gives you an extra useless item that charges you money when dropped and picked up again
    • Saviors ultimate ability only giving 5 armor, and not 180% bonus
    • The blood zerker's bloodlust doesn't go away
    • boss item upgrades do not consume the item from backpack
    • Velreon guard can escape again
    • recipes don't consume all items sometimes
    • Heart of Demon Prince now charges
    • Ancient Hydra now drops hydra head
    • Blood elf war drums and Blood horn now give their respective aura's
    • tri-fire mage wave spell no longer causes massive fps lag for all players
    • struggle now wipes after every run (buildings / peasant)
    • Thanatos boots no longer bind to player 28 in ashen vat
    • Donation to church no longer charges 1.9 million plat
    • Projectile abilities are not longer offset by different terrain heights

      Changelog 1.33.8b
    · Patch 1.30.1 compatible
    · Rain / Heavy Rain / Chaotic Rain no longer reduces attack speed
    · Movement speed reduction of certain weathers decreased
    · Rain / Heavy Rain / Chaotic Rain/ Siphoning Mist spell boost reduction decreased
    · Phoenix Ranger multi-shot toggle is now consistent, and number of targets clarified
    · Firestorm meteors now avoid player bases
    · Curse system replaced with an “AFK” command system
    · Fixed certain enemies not meant to respawn
    · “-Roll” window removes correctly
    · Blood elf nation no longer upgrades into nerubian nation
    · Arcane Warrior ability cooldowns adjusted - Arcane Strike: 60/55/50/45 -> 24/22/20/18 (damaged halved to balance) Arcane Nova: 8/9/10/11 - > 8/8/8/8 Arcane Radiance: 120/120/120/120/120 -> 100/95/90/85/80
    · Fixed elementalist lightning effect staying forever
    · Dark savior no longer loses item info after using metamorphosis
    · More tooltip corrections
    · Repick creates a new hero slot instead of reusing the one you already loaded/saved
    · New backpack system – unlockable skins / now can move freely within a range of your hero / no longer gets error messages at shops / can place bases for you / display stats / game tools ability to modify additional systems / tomes bought through backpack go straight to hero
    · Backpack Teleportation stops the hero when cast (to avoid running away from it on accident)
    · “-stats” command improved
    · Certain build / upgrade times reduced
    · Fixed tome of knowledge to give correct amount of stats
    · Added “-as” command to check base attack speed, updated “-commands”
    · Warrior Spin Attack tooltip fixed to accurately reflect damage dealt
    · Warrior Counter Strike damage scaling tuned down slightly - 40/80/120/160% ATK scaling to 60/80/100/120%
    · Added blood elf hoarder wisps (2500 gold 2500 lumber 50 food cost) to grand homes (castle of the gods, holy citadel, goblin occulary)
    · Fixed very hard chaos colo sometimes giving wrong crystal amount
    · Azazoth no longer gets one shot by certain characters
    · Azazoth acquires targets properly after casting spells
    · You can no longer equip more than one Azazoth armor
    · Azazoth now casts his other abilities (Astral Summoning, Astral Devastation, Astral Restoration)
    · Azazoth attack speed / attack damage / projectile model adjusted to be less annoying
    · Azazoth spells become lower cooldown the lower he is on health
    · Wandering Dark Savior renamed to “Death Knight” and has reduced movement speed and reworked abilities
    · Ability to repick and load again after a HC death is disabled
    · Improved high priestess spell visual effects and ability icons
    · Tomes refund gold properly
    · Buffs to Elite Marksman -- Tri-Rocket and U-235 shell deal the appropriate amount of damage, Sniper Stance attack speed reduction increased, crit chance increased massively, crit damage reduced
    · Reduced Astral Devastation and Astral Annihilation damage
    · Ursa Elder Shaman frost nova now targets enemies they hit
    · Fixed priest prestige bonus
    · New cinematic / UI interface
    · Added an actions ability in place of where item info was for more gameplay options
    · Demon Hound AI removed, summons now follow the Summoner when too far away
    · Big and Great potion prices reduced
    · Added polar fang and shield items from polar bear mini-boss
    · Added a polar bear mini-boss ^
    · Flame Sigil drop added to hellhounds and unbroken shield from unbrokens
    · Added a new merchant in chaos with crystal conversions
    · Team gold is displayed properly now
    · Crystals now have a 250 (230 with HC) level requirement
    · Arcanist Sky Teleportation ability reworked
    · Buffed xp rate with home pre-level 20
    · Lower centaur hp 10%, also lowered their dps a bit
    · Reduced Dwarf avatar to 12 seconds and storm bolt stun to 2 seconds
    · Goddesses now revive (possible to get multiple god items in one game now)
    · You no longer get stuck in colosseum if you kill the last remaining enemies with Meteor, Thunder Dash, or Phoenix Flight
    · Elementalist new character model
    · Entire town redesigned (effects occur dependent on weather)
    · Sponsor items now reflect useful information
    · Multiple NPC model changes
    · Additional Toggleable Movement System: you can now optionally hold right click to continue moving (ARPG/Diablo style)
    · Town Guards at outposts now hit enemy units (low damage: are invulnerable)
    · New interactive area where old goddesses used to be
    · All trees now have 1/4th their previous pathing size
    · Complete redesign of areas (Tavern, town) - extra trees have been added to bases to compensate for loss of trees
    · Assassin Phantom Slash range increased by 100, more fluid when colliding with units
    · Assassin Dagger Storm no longer bugs in differing terrain heights, queues daggers much quicker and projectile speed / accuracy increased
    · Added much more tile variation through map
    · New health/mana wells appear randomly across the map that restore variable amounts of hp/mana on right click
    · Assassin Phantom Slash range increased by 100, more fluid when colliding with units
    · Assassin Dagger Storm no longer bugs in differing terrain heights, queues daggers much quicker and projectile speed / accuracy increased
    · New Ashen Vat crafting area where old hero selection used to be (enterable temple)
    · -pa can now take a player number afterwards to check another player’s resources
    · Abilities with % mana costs now display regular mana costs like other abilities
    · Rebalanced assassin's blink strike and shuriken abilities to scale with attack damage as well
    · Pure Death projectile sped up slightly
    · Added -actions command in case the action menu somehow breaks
    · New item: Thanatos’ Boots (normal) and Thanatos’ Boots (rare) Rare variation allows chaotic blink up to 1000 range on any hero, and grants move speed and stats.

    Changelog 1.33.7b
    Chaotic ore no longer drop from abyssal, nor do despair orbs
    Critical strikes can now occur at the same time as other critical strikes (it is not multiplicative)
    Rebalanced power level of multiple crit items
    Critical strikes now work with multishot
    Critical strikes no longer display large inaccurate damage dealt numbers
    Void dagger and bow Sets now have a Crit
    Hell set crits weakened and stats somewhat reduced to make more balanced with other sets.
    Phoenix power no longer multiplies other critical strikes
    Omega P Pick 5000 bonus damage on attack replaced with a 25% 3x critical strike.
    Legion weapons give proper critical strike according to their description
    Chaotic necklace new icon
    Keys of Devotion/Redemption/Valor now combine together to form one key and the Key Quest giver opens the portal for you
    The Keys of Devotion/Redemption/Valor now drop from a player’s inventory if they leave
    Velreon Guard can exit the Medean Cave
    Bloodzerker armor debuff refreshes if enemy armor changes while afflicted
    Phoenix Ranger Multi-shot can now be toggled, reduced damage and movement speed while active
    Invis potion duration tooltip updated, also limited how many you can carry
    Sniper stance now grants crit instead of bonus damage
    Fixed quests failing to self-reactivate
    Chaos colo normal rebalanced- needs testing
    Godslayer recharge cost raised to 1% SC, 3% HC
    Dying now costs you 2% of your wealth
    Azazoth items can now be upgraded to +2, items with abilities rebalanced to lower starting stats
    Upgrading to Legion rare weapons (besides staff) now requires Rare Ace to have a discount
    Expanded how many boss items can now be upgraded at a discount (with appropriate sacrifice) and added -info 10 to explain how it works
    Legion can no longer teleport into non-walkable terrain
    Chaos replaces villagers correctly now
    More useful hints have been added to display every 5 minutes and can be toggled on/off with -hints
    More general tooltip updates / cleanup
    Summons / infernals now trigger the god’s fight
    Savior bash stuns correctly
    Weather now decreases / increases attack speed independently from agility (works on summons as well)
    Elite Marksman no longer loses Item Info ability when switching stance
    Chaos colo very hard rebalanced- needs testing
    Removed villager collision entirely
    Added two new weathers, Firestorm - Increased spellboost but take more damage and meteors fall from the sky dealing damage to heroes and destroying trees (only in chaos) | Siphoning Mist - lowers spellboost significantly but raises attack-speed drastically
    Bard new ability “Encore” - grants an effect based on which song is currently playing
    Elite Marksman new ability “Hand Grenade” - tosses a grenade at target location, exploding after a 2 second delay dealing damage and stunning enemies caught in the blast
    Elementalist new Innate ability “Master of Elements” - choose between 4 elements to imbue your powers and grants certain effects
    Savior new ability “Savior’s Guidance” - single target heal cannot heal yourself
    Dark Summoner new ability “Demonic Sacrifice” - kills a summon to grant a bonus depending on the type of summon sacrificed
    Arcane Warrior new ability “Arcane Radiance” - The Arcane Warrior radiates his powerful light upon all, healing allies and damaging enemies periodically.
    New look to the Colosseum, less likely enemies will bug in colosseum
    Weather now affects open roofed areas such as Colo and Struggle
    You can now donate to the church bishop to reduce the chance of bad weather
    Tome purchase trigger redone to avoid share control abuse
    Castle of the gods spell hotkeys fixed
    Can no longer be entered into colosseum / struggle while teleporting
    AFK System - after a certain period of time a player with a base will be visibly cursed, giving them a specific amount of time before they are defeated, unless the church bishop dispels the curse.
    Super Happy Fun Yeti now respawns
    (Codeless) Loaded characters now indicate whether they are Hardcore or not before loading
    Prestige effects now apply after starting a new character
    Ring of health now requires level 3 instead of 7
    Pre-chaos bosses should now respawn in their original location
    Legion can no longer randomly teleport within the radius of your base
    Ice and Lightning cast time lowered from 3 to 2 seconds
    Bloodzerker Hazardous Leap damage redone, deals 100% damage to a single target or 25% damage to multiple targets
    Reported Bug Fixes:
    - tooltip for Wind Walk for Master Rogue is incorrect, lasts way longer than 11 seconds at rank 4.
    - Evil shopkeeper quest completed before level 50
    - Master Rogue Nerve Gas also reduces attack speed
    - Heroes cost 4 food for some reason until first death, then revives for only 1 food.
    - serpent boots do not save
    - buy potions stacking on multiple stacks of potions
    - bloodzerker leap and warrior leap makes you permanently stuck
    - goddess of knowledge spell deals too much damage

    Fixed Nerve gas damage
    Prestige rank Should now show up in stats
    Save timer once again starts when you load hc - as it used to
    Struggle units spawn 30% faster
    Fixed item removal
    Removed Existence avatar (protected existence enough)
    Made -q shows green numbers for completed quests
    Fixed grand nation xp to be above home and nation again
    Added 2 new Priestess abilities, Triage and Protection
    Divine light now weaker heal but shorter CD as well
    Buffed Divine Judgement from 25% to 33%, removed second Str component not in desc
    Bardís Song of War now applies damage bonus correctly for items and reduced to 20% to adjust
    Custom sky ( can be seen if you scroll up)
    Fixed Struggle skip, so start higher wave if high level
    Colo xp recovery fixed
    Saviorís thunderclap now taunts, can disable with -notank
    Rewrote parts of flame aura OG
    Cheese shield now gives only 150 armor and 150 charges
    Bloodzerker Blood cleave is no longer broken-OP
    Platinum converter converts at 1.2mil and Arcadite converter converts at 1 mil
    Version number displays on multiboard
    Bad weather displays as a debuff instead of a buff
    Kill quests no longer flood your screen when killing many at once and only display to people in range of the kill
    Items compatible with the ability Royal Plate are labeled as ìShieldî in their Item Type
    Shop converters, potions, and kill quests no longer lag everyone when purchased
    Spider heavy plate name fixed
    Level 401 is no longer achievable
    Transition to Chaos is much less laggy
    High Priestess intelligence per level reduced from 4.7 to 3.8 and strength per level increased from 1.1 to 1.7
    Lots of tool-tips updated

    Fixed ultra-fast days
    Teleport out of Gods area should be fixed
    Camera rotates during cutscene again
    Redid trigger for duplicate items
    Changed Whirl-strike enemy hit animation
    Tele home tooltip for lvl 6 fixed
    Tele home now functions again
    Fixed windwalk double-hit
    New damage colors differ allied versus enemy
    Changed enemy wave numbers in struggle
    Multiboard less likely to break

    Bloodzerkerís Rampage now steals up to 8% current hp instead of 7% Max hp
    Forcesave fixed
    made lvl 1 of Pack tele andt reveal pre-learned on backpack, changed their spell cost scale with 1 level lower to compensate for useless lvl 1
    Fixed HCW leaving lvl 10 players non-HC but still making them die
    Godís area now has exit portals at the entrance
    Moving close to the gods now warps every player in the area to them and keeps you and the gods from leaving that area
    Asteroid golems no longer respawn
    Royal guardian Shield Slam tooltip displays the actual cooldown (40 seconds)
    Pinkyís divine shield duration lowered from 60 to 15 seconds and cooldown lowered from 180 to 25 seconds
    Chaos killcount quest tooltips updated descriptions to fit each enemy
    Flaming bow duration is displayed on the tooltip
    Backpack no longer freezes when attempting to teleport out of an area you cannot
    Removed Blood Sword quest, Heart of Demon Prince evolves without the quest and Demon Prince respawns
    Goddess of Love no longer heals across the map
    Goddessís buff again to properly reflect difficulty (Life ~600k HP, Love, ~190k HP, Knowledge ~190k HP, Hate ~280k HP | Love, Knowledge, and Hate damage buffed to ~8k)
    Kingís Clubba gives 1100 damage now (no more command aura)
    Hardcore saving now works in Paladin World
    Hydromancer spell tooltips updated with more information
    -q / -quests displays level range for each enemy
    Optimized chaos world setup
    In game minimap picture replaced with actual minimap
    New dynamic drop system allows more variety in item drops and less duplicates
    Added -notank command to make warrior not draw forced aggro with whirlstrikes, -tank makes it aggro again
    Gain 0 exp if killing player >70 levels above you to avoid excessive power-leveling
    Thanatos atk reduces from 60k to 40k
    Satan atk reduced from 60k to 50k
    Bloodzerker no longer permanently reduces boss armor. 5/19
    Omega P Pick now properly does bonus 5000 damage (works with multishot?)
    Thunderclap damage fixed
    Fiery arrows buffed from 23% to 30% dmg
    Bloody weapons choose box now has item names
    Moved Slaughterer boss away from gold mine, now North of Existence entrance
    Chaos Bosses now respawn in a fixed location, no longer where they died (Legion random)
    Colo Hard Chaos (please test) Needs mass testing
    Random camera rotation fixed
    Oblivion Guard takes reduced fire damage from dark flames and satanís fire spell
    Satanís ace defense reduced and damage increased
    Added the option to lock your camera zoom by adding ìLî (not case sensitive) and -unlock EX: -cam 2000 l OR -cam 2000L OR -zml OR -zm L
    Fixed camera exploit
    Unit return time reduced from 15 seconds to 8 seconds
    Master rogue windwalk damage applies correctly / applies after any damaging auto attack OR ability (if a unit is afflicted with dark poison after casting windwalk the ww damage will be applied next poison tick instead) (does not work with invisibility potion anymore)
    Elite Marksman Tri-Rocket hitbox increased from 50 to 100
    Elite Marksman stance change cooldown lowered from 5 to 4 seconds
    Hardmode can no longer infinitely stack in prechaos
    Kill quests properly give rewards for their level ranges
    Dark Soul Rare and above can now hold a charge of reincarnation (same as godslayer set)
    Assassin Phantom Slash is less buggy
    Updated development corner
    Master Rogue name changes
    Small changes to top right base
    Tri-Rocket no longer casts really far away near rivers
    U-235 Shell less prone to desync
    Evil Shopkeeper Quest reward functions properly
    Should no longer be able to tele to player entering Colo/struggle (get kick back out afterwards)
    Existence respawns again- other bosses continue to do so
    Demon prince no longer buffed by hardmode 3 (only Aza again)
    Weak Chaos colo rebalanced for playability
    Hard Chaos colo rebalanced for playability
    Increased number of tuskar, bears, hounds, in prechaos so more foes to farm 5/28
    Godslayer Set can now only be recharged once every 7 minutes (per player), and regular ankhs no longer available for sale
    This rechange costs 2% of your net worth (gold+plat+lumber+arc) if HC, 0.5% if SC
    Hydromancer Pillars now only damages 15-20 units max, still pulls them all into center
    Hydromancer Whirlpool now weights heroes as 15 units instead of 10, a bit less duration on bosses
    Tome merchant backpack upgrades no longer glitch when multiple people buy them
    Custom lighting in church, tavern, medean cave
    Frost Nova (Elementalist) now always 60-45 sec instead of 100-60
    Ball lightning now has a lvl 4 for 8x int, uses Int+50 for dmg instead of just Int
    Royal Plate rescaled for 1.33, now upgrades every 20 levels to max lvl 20
    Towers from nations and tower builders range reduced to 600
    PR multishot now levels with you and less OP to start 5/28
    Darkest of darkness now costs 100k mana
    Moved Azazoth to Godís area (also test after azazoth respawns)
    Added -board command to reset multiboard in case gets messed up by -hcw
    Legion items can now be upgraded to rare+2
    Enemy despawn range increased to 800
    Legion armors now give spell resist (usually 30%)
    Legion staff gives spellboost instead of crit now
    Adjusted some of Dark summonerís abilities to account for max level 400
    Weather should no longer lag spikes

    Code Wiped
    Prestige is now attainable at level 400
    Executing "-load" twice should no longer desyc you from the game
    Satan and Thanatos are back to their original spots (Hell is closed temporarily)
    Increased some saveable values such as gold and lumber to new values
    Assassin Q does proper damage now
    Magnataur destroyer damaged buffed by 500
    Buffed gods hp (hate 225k, love 150k, knowledge 150k, life 500k)
    Goddess of Love heals are much stronger
    Goddess of Knowledge no longer casts earthquake
    Goddess of Hate now casts firebolt (2 second stun 6k damage)
    Goddess no longer have Divine Shield abilities
    Moved Godís Mountain to outside of map boundaries
    Fixed RG Fight me not working with PR
    Fixed weather working on invulnerable heroes
    Fixed colosseum bugging for player 8
    Backpack teleport disabled in new Gods realm
    Fixed Magnataur set recipe tooltip
    Fixed Nightmare set recipe tooltips
    Centaur weapons now save properly
    Astral Bow set and Heavy set now save properly
    Fixed Hell finger damage
    Fixed Pick quest
    Space time (arcanist) mana cost dropped to 1 mil instead of 2
    Fixed Massive gold boost from Chaos Struggle
    Fixed item binding
    Dimensional set recipes should work now
    Making item info show Spellboost for an item
    Iron golem ore now slightly tinted red, chaotic ore slightly tinted green
    Axe is now normal item color
    Removed south-west base, relocated to bottom middle of the map
    Legion ring now 1,000,000 mana, down from 10m
    Changed chaotic struggle level difference from 200 to 80
    Master rogue new model
    Can no longer fly into Church or Tavern Ccircle without trying intentionally
    Darkest of darkness now significantly reduced mana cost
    Added new Royal Guardian icon set
    All hero pillar tooltips are up to date, now with more personalized information
    Hero passive icon information updated
    Other hero icon tweaks

    Commands "-loadp" and "-loadh" won't be triggered now when you use that in a sentence, not issuing the command
    Backpack now revives automatically if dies
    Fog weather tooltip fixed
    Fixed info messages to state that prestige at 500, not 999 (We realize this still makes prestige unattainable for now)
    Loading stats as 0/0/0 should be fixed now
    Should no longer be possible to get 2x snow or hurricane in a row
    Possibly fixed switching from hardcore/softcore and vice-versa (needs more testing)
    Added "-no hardcore" command temporarily (this was implemented until we figure out if the fix for hardcore really happened)
    Added "-st" command to check timer till next save
    Now your generate code now creates a file name with current level of your character when saving, this should be usefull in case some bug happen to you and you need to have a backup old code (will still overwrite if your level of current save and loaded are the same)
    Healing Rays learn tooltip fixed, confirmed to heal in AOE but animation is incomplete
    Weakened Savior's Q to not be so overpowered
    Savior's bash fixed
    Ring of health regen effect/desc set to 8
    Cheese shield description fixed
    Fixed many descriptions for chaos sets, particularly the sword and heavy sets.
    Struggle gold should now display properly you collect it, instead of of showing one value as accrue, and another when recieve at end
    Mysterious base should now have collision size
    Pack Teleport should no longer work from inside Colo/Struggle

    You cannot type "-new" after picking a hero, if you wan't a another hero type "-repick" instead, the "-new" command is just for the saving profile, not repicking your hero
    Fixed internal regions for saving in hardcore and repicking that were displaced in the center of the church and the center of the tavern
    Increased collum size of multiboard for name and level
    Now wisp is already spawned if playing in single-player
    Fixed '"-forcesave" command
    Fixed Phoenix Ranger -60% base damage instead of +30%
    Fixed Savior's Thunderclap one shotting enemies
    Fixed Royal Guardian's Info
    Fixed Ring of Health not giving regeneration (it's 3)
    Fixed Health Stone not giving health on use
    Fixed descriptions:
    Ring of Health level requirement of 7 and health reg. of 7
    Lion's Horn of Stormwind stats
    Steel's plate bonus amor and strenght
    Health Stone bonus health reg. of 2 instead of 45
    Medallion of Vitality 1000 hp bonus instead of 2500
    Fixed some descriptions from quests and sets (including wrong recipes)

    Scaled down item stats for most items in game (chaos boss items incomplete);
    Reduced stats for main map creeps in pre-chaos and chaos (chaos needs testing);
    Compact game levels (chaos starts at 180, ends around 400);
    Crystals now expire 30 seconds after creation, ping at 15 and 5 sec remaining;
    Now is a level 30 spider queen boss (armor drops);
    Revive timer system;
    Adjusted tome bonus limits;
    Headhunter quest bosses Spider Queen and Ogre now revive;
    Added codeless saving system;
    Completely redone the save system (separate code):
    - It should save a profile with all your current heroes;
    - All prestiges bonuses should work across all heroes (even new ones, or current ones after a hero has been prestiged);
    - Thereís a tutorial for how the new loading saving system works when you load once:
    - When creating a new profile (mostly only once, youíll probably not do that again) type ì-newî
    - After that, always type ì-loadî, a dialog will guide you were you want a new character or load a saved one
    - Thereís also backup commands ì-load <with code>î and ì-loadh <with code>î in case you donít want to Allow Local Files or it doesn't work for some reason, but it is encouraged doing that because it will ease your experience a lot (Uploadfiles.io - WC3 - Allow Local Files.reg).
    Added tomes to buy/upgrade teleport and reveal as backpack abilities;
    Backpack now has abilities to use potions to heal your hero.

    Fixed issues with spell triggered damages were not damaging neutral agressive units
    Fixed issues with some items not spawning correctly from neutral agressive units
    Fixed issues with Kill quest counters not counting up

    Fixed issue where the spawn system were spawning units for other players (not Neutral Agressive)

    Fixed issues that all units belonged to enemy players
    Fixed issues that buying platinum coins and arcadite lumbers where almost impossible due to resources needing to be exactly 1000000 even for the converters
    Fixed issue where converters and manual converting removed all your gold instead of just decreasing 1000000 of the used resource

    Fixed hardmode double-boosting Thanatos if type it again
    Fixed a bug with Colo that got it stuck (unsure if others exist) if kill near the top of hallway
    Made flee command able to escape colo if no enemies spawn for 8 sec
    Extended post-Aza time to 30 sec and added -leave command for those wishing not to wait
    Added hardmode 3, boosts Aza as well
    Adjusted colo spawn trigger to lag a little less when alot of enemies
    Decreased dragon aggro range to better match other enemies on map
    Fixed -forcesave bug from 9a (should work properly again)
    Saving on a hardcore char now takes 5 seconds, and tells u in-game after typing save
    Priestess divine light now longer heals enemies, damages them instead if cast on an enemy (can only cast on certain enemies)
    Divine light cooldown reduced to 7 seconds
    Holy shock now heals and damages for 5x int at max level (instead of 4x dmg and 8x heal)
    Now you can see the characters you've already prestiged on through the prestige info

    Fixed hardcore 50 levels
    Give command for gold/lumber max back to 9999
    Whirlpool duration scales down with number of enemies, current duration for 10.

    Hurricane duration reduced from 180 sec to 100
    Fixed Existence not dropping rare ring
    Reduced shield bash and thunder-dash ability to double-stack with spellboost
    Shield slam now maxes at 1 shield
    Fixed lower left base waygate
    Rewrote Azazoth triggers to reduce desync risk
    Adjusted slaughter drop rate to not be so low
    Made righteous might heal scale with priest prestige bonus
    Fixed damage display on selected characters
    Changed savior's bash to deal str-based damage, but with lower activation chance.

    Fixed ability to load post-chaos and revive into chaos world below 300.
    Fixed Azazoth Staff ability
    Fixed legion ability/drop rate
    Reduced dark summons spellboost scaling (removing double-boost)
    Added special effect to crystals 5 sec before disappear
    Increased time between heart heals to 1.5 sec
    Godslayer cloak and set now have regular item reincarnation (like ank but Max hp) but a fixed number of charges. The charges come back 2/2 when you load the items but not during game. No cd. Godslayer set can go from 0 to 1 charge by buying ank of reincarnation from shop, cannot gain second or third except by making a new set.
    Sin reincarnation now 60 sec cd, so u Can kill them if strong enough, still no reward for doing so except despawning them.
    Existence set a bit cheaper, and Astral set more expensive.
    True doom attack speed increased
    Arcane warrior holy nova is now weaker, but with shorter cd
    Fixed AGI missing from prestige

    Fixed bug that would make your camera go back to normal world upon dying in Devourers Area with Godslayer Set/Cloak revive buff`
    Fixed Struggle and Colloseum weird interactions
    Fixed some lag spikes that could occurr on a Hero pick or Hardcore character death
    Boosted Priest Prestige regeneration to 10%
    Fixed issue that could cause bugs building the Spirit Lounge with other bases
    Crystals removed 30 seconds after spawning, will ping minimap at 15 and 5 seconds remaining
    Hardmode will not make existence harder by default, need to use ì-hardmode 2î for that
    Legion has a chance to drop a second item on hardmode

    Fixed holy shock and Flaming Bow
    Fixed similar issue with Azazoth Dagger ability
    Chaos boss regen decreased to 0.5% when above 25% hp, 1% below
    Made Hydra a bit stronger
    Reduced unbroken unit hp by 33%
    Increase Demon Wizard level to 92
    Reduced demon and demon wizard hp
    Added some more info to info 8 prestige
    Bonus starting gold post-prestige, enough to buy an oculatory
    Prestige levels give 4% exp each, instead of 3%
    Prestige spellboost bonuses reduced from 5 to 4%
    Rampage now takes off 25% max hp per tick, instead of 30%, and also gives less attack power
    Fixed Velreon Guard not beign able to leave Devourers area
    Now Force 1 is Heroes and Force 4 is Unknonw in the game lobby (finally this was done)

    Fixed the bt commnand

    Added Prestige system, allowing you to "prestige" a max level character to give a permanent bonus to next char you start, bonus varies by char prestiged and is bigger for Hardcore characters.
    Added experimental -frv command to deal with -revive HP glitch, does not work in colo or struggle
    Fixed lighthouse base gate
    Fixed holy citadel
    Made serpent boots not randomly drop (unfinished item)
    Fixed hydra fang turn in
    Can now choose hydra fang or dragon weapon reward if have >1 proficiency
    Added trigger to prevent pally enemies from entering town
    Added -info command to give players more detail about some of the game systems
    Mountain king ultimate now uses avatar- only damages once but gives spell immunity and bonus atk/def for duration. Should not have transform armor glitch anymore.
    Lowered existence and astral gold a bit
    Chaos colo enemies now have about 50% more hp, but half the armor- to give physical more of a chance.
    Bloodzerker cleave no longer ignores spell immunity
    Azazoth has more hp but spell immunity reduced from 23 to 15 seconds
    Most bosses gain bonus atk power for hardmode
    Can now activate hardmode in normal world
    Level exp gap changed from 75 to 40 below level 600 (must be at least lvl 60 to gain exp from a lvl 100 enemy now)
    Redid godslayer cloak and godslayer set reincarnation as an active passive. Once activated it gives a 60 seconds buff (reborn)
    If you die with buff active you revive instantly and lose the buff. You can recast on a 5 minute cooldown. Item is undroppable during cooldown.

    Made medium goblin farm give 20 food;
    Lowered chunk of meat hp to 100k;
    Ffixed Demonic Prince not spawning bug;
    Re-set Assasins abilities hotkeys;
    Aura of Gods now lets you enter the Mountain without keys, allies need own aura or keys;
    New icons for all heroes, except for Royal Guard and Savior;
    Monsoon now deals 25% less dmg and has bit less AOE;
    Hydramancer spells are now 10-20% weaker;
    Pillar range glitch is now probably fixed (no longer crazy long range near cliffs);
    Demon's spirit now costs 1 million, gathers double resources;
    Registered main stat for pure death and EM;
    Demonic hut renamed, also now has max 120 food, 30 below abode;
    Fixed Dash abilities breaking each other if used at once;
    Fixed bug which body of fire and whirlpool would hit spell immune units;
    fixed hellfire mage and minotaur trying to cast abilities in town instead of battle;
    Added huntsman to Pally world;
    Adjusted Crystal costs so more low-mid items use them;
    Fixed Satan's Ace, Despair Sphere and Aza Sphere tooltips;
    Changed Berserk dash into a leap;
    Now 10-20% less movespeed slow from weather;
    Fixed hero selection region extending below the mountain;
    Flame aura now boosts Body of fire based on its level, instead of giving the full 60% right away;
    Existence/Legion boss spells should now follow cast position instead of initial position;
    Game announces whhen chaos bosses revive (abyss-existence);
    Added a -HardMode command to make chaos bosses stronger, they also drop more crystals;
    Colosseum should enforce level gaps properly now;
    Going colo while someone in chaotic struggle should not break it anymore;
    Removed Howl of Terror from promoted idiot;
    Changed Goblin farm model to avoid arm glitching onto hero;
    Updated chaotic sets to more reliably say and give correct Spellboost.
    Godslayer set and cloak now un-droppable, can only be destroyed by custom command;
    Buffed marksman Q a bit, and made helicopter AI a tad smarter;
    Velreon guard no longer acquirable by neutral Hostile;
    Remade RG platemail and shield slam abilities to work from armor, no more hardened skin. less tanky than before but more damage (60 sec shield slam instead of 180);
    Aza doom dagger has longer cd now
    Moved exist staff to diff spot in save code so should save ok now.
    Castle base redesigned;
    Most of heroes underglow got removed;
    New bloodzerker model to match more what it should've been;
    Paladin world now has a test dummy;
    Red gateway to the right of hero selection now sends you to town instead of the horde;
    Changed up paladin's world terrain slightly;

    [Hero Changes/Updates]
    New Heroes! Bloodzerker (Str with burst), Hydromancer (Int with heavy CC), and Elite Marksman (Agi with burst).
    Remade Arcane Warrior's Arcane Heal (W) into Arcane Nova.
    Replaced Bard's Piercing Note (E) with a new ability: Inspire - Grant allies increased Spell Boost for a short time.
    Lowered the mana cost of Bard's heal by 30%
    Made Dark Savior's Medean Lightning a true Chain Lightning.
    Buffed Dark Summoner's damage output by giving Pure Death a new type of scaling, making Summoning Improvement scale every 100 levels (instead of just 3 times), and gave her a new ability, Dark Flames.
    Oblivion Guard's Flame Aura (E) Now buffs Body of Fire by 60% while active and repeatedly taunts affected enemies while active.
    Rebuilt Phoenix Ranger to scale better into late game - more abilities stack with Multishot now.
    Fixed Short Sword proficiency for Royal Guardian.
    Rebalanced some Thunder-Blade abilities.
    Made Thunder-Blade's Monsoon scale with hero level (somewhat).
    [Item Changes]
    New system for upgrading Boss items.
    More Boss items are now upgradeable.
    Common rarity Boss items are now upgradeable to Rare rarity.
    Legendary items no longer drop from bosses, now must be made via upgrade from Rare+2
    Upgraded Legendary items have a higher level requirement which increases with each upgrade (but not by 50). They also average 400% base stats instead of 325%.
    Added Legendary Ring of Existence upgrade recipes.
    Incorporated Legendary Thanatos Wings into main upgrade trigger, so it now checks if you have the required level before upgrading.
    Many of the new pre-Chaos items now have proficiencies attached to them.
    Items no longer break when lacking their proficiency, instead they give 60% of their stats but keep old name.
    Now only saveable items bind, instead of all items.
    All items level 50 and above should save now.
    Iron Golem Fist now level 100, Iron Golem Ore is still level 50.
    Removed Avatar Soul.
    Fixed Waug Ring damage.
    Added a new Chaos home "Demonic Hut" which acts as a cheaper alternative to Satan's Abode. Costs 1 Platinum Coin and 1 Arcanite Lumber.
    Satan's Abode now costs 4 Platinum Coins and 2 Arcanite Lumber.
    Demonic Nation now gives the same exp as Satan's Abode, and can now create better wisps that cost more Gold and less food.
    Satan's Heart now has 1.2 sec cooldown, has an increased proc chance, and scales off of max hp instead of Str.
    Legion's Ring now undroppable until off cooldown.
    You can now use Existence items at level 750 and Astral items at level 850. Existence Ring now requires level 850 but increases with upgrades. Lexium Crystal's requirement has been lowered to level 920 and Azazoth items are level 950.
    Reworked Abyssal Bow and Azazoth's Sword of Annihilation abilities.
    Renamed Existence Hammer to Existence Bastard Sword.
    [Balance/Mechanical Changes]
    Enabled -load after repick.
    Large number of pre-Chaos bosses now revive every 10 minutes.
    Most Chaos bosses now have custom abilities.
    Now only Nations can achieve 300 Food. Homes are limited to 150, and Grand Homes are limited to 200. True tradeoff between nation income and home exp.
    All pre-Chaos creeps have been rebalanced.
    Chaos mode armor re-scaled. Astrals now have 1500, enemies below that adjusted by a similar (but decreasing) ratio. However, their HP has been increased by half of the % of armor reduction.
    Colosseum exp now falls at a slower rate over time, but you lose some every time you enter Colo or die in it. Also recovers 10% faster while outside.
    Smoothed out the exp curve, so your exp rate drops more often, but in smaller chunks (mostly for Chaos).
    Turned off click sharing of Gold/Lumber.
    Added new commands "-give PlayerNumber #" and "-givel PlayerNumber #", up to a max of 10,000 each command. "-give" transfers 10,000 Gold, "-givel" transfers Lumber.
    Angels now deal Chaotic damage.
    Converted XP Rate from integer to real. (This allows for more precise experience rates instead of having to be whole numbers.)
    Most enemies now give gold via a trigger, allowing it to be split among the group. The killer gets bonus gold, but support/tank classes are no longer broke. (Does not apply to Struggle.)
    Lowered Troll levels by 1 (now 2-3), also nerfed them: Berserker now has shorter range.
    Added limit to buying Stat Tomes based on hero level: (heroLevel*heroLevel*heroLevel/1500 + 0.4 *heroLevel*heroLevel + 40 *heroLevel).
    "-bt" command now unuseable before level 100.
    [Map Changes]
    Added "Headhunter" and "Bounty Hunter" quest givers in town
    Headhunter quests have you kill a tough monster for their head which rewards you with a one-time powerful item.
    Bounty Hunter quests have you repeatedly kill a number of a certain type of monster for Gold and exp. Each time you do the quest, you must kill more monsters to complete it.
    Changed the terrain and structure of the map in several places.
    Moved some pre-Chaos and Chaos bosses around.
    Added a multiboard to the map.
    Anti-despawn protection now applies to most units in normal world.
    Added a pair of Punching Bags above town to test your damage on.
    Several new types of pre-Chaos units added.
    Changed how much Gold certain pre-Chaos enemies drop.
    Infinite Struggle split into pre-Chaos and Chaos tiers. Pre-Chaos now stops at Ogre Kings and gives a Lesser Ring of Struggle as a reward.
    Chaotic Struggle starts with stronger enemies and some Chaos creeps, before ending with Angels/Gods/Omniscients for Ring of Struggle. A lot less time wasted on weak enemies.
    Removed Construction Yard. (That building that Nations builders allowed you to build that created all Nation builders).
    Changed hotkeys for Struggle buildings.
    Made replace units part of initialize, changed the start locations of many pre-Chaos units, and some Chaos units.
    Adjusted main camera zone to be a bit smaller.
    Created a fourth of page commands for describing new created commands past 1.31 versions.
    Added an experimental Hardcore Mode.
    [Bug Fixes]
    Fixed Dragoon and Mink despawn in Metamorphosis.

    Fixed camera not returning after you die in colosseum or struggle.
    Added a "massive" chest of gold and bundle of lumber to material converter.
    Fixed assassin's ultimate
    Sweeping blade changed to 5x agi damage, cd 7 seconds at max level.
    Combined revive message command answer for cost of gold and lumber.
    Faceless One Deathbringer now gives exp (fixed)

    Fixed bladestorm continuing after death.
    Fixed extra omnislash hits (it was treating it as 1 level higher).
    Made greater hp potion stack
    Fixed infernal's E
    Made buy plat and arc via shop fully triggered
    Added back ability to build base in pally area
    Restored indicator of where to go to leave second part of pally area
    made golem fists created in pally area appear at right location.
    Can now build a base in Pally world, and it goes away when graduate to chaos.
    Changed Demetishir base decription, made it a bit cheaper. You get one for free upon being sent to pally world.
    Thunder-dash no longer jumps wall/mountains.
    Made region to enter colo/struggle a bit bigger.
    Buffed dark regeneration to 40k.
    Partially rebalanced some sets, esp buffed str on a few of them.
    Some set items now require 7 ingredients. Horror, Void, Hell
    Set recipes now check if you have level to use the result.
    Took away magnataur spell immunity and increased cd on frost bolt, but also increased his hp.
    Fixed disabled button from Master Rogue (DISBTNArcaneHuntress)
    Made devotion aura hotkey W to learn.
    fixed -estats to display enemy level and hp
    Exp rate should return to normal once beat struggle now.
    Made more commands show when you type "-commands" or "-cc"
    Chaos Weak Colosseum finally works, no longer stops spawning at wave 4 or 5.
    Fixed disabled button for Lexium Crystal and Arcadite Lumbers converters;
    Reorganized Material Converter icons

    Fixed some typos in tooltips
    Fixed Horror tooth str bonus
    Fixed Death strike effect teleport on behind the targets
    Fixed medean lightning tooltip, and made it do 1/3 damage to secondary enemies, since hits them all for now
    Fixed Sins spawning in right and left edges of town
    made blood elf inferno stone shorter cd and stackable, but decreased its stun duration so no permastun.
    Made game take you to town as soon as pick/load hero.
    Removed Banshee possession and nerubian queen raise dead.
    Made Paladin/dimension enemies only spawn if someone enters their region, no longer stand idle if unused, also added trolls to that area.
    Increased levels of some tuskar units.
    Fixed existence agi set recipe, and horror plate tooltip.
    Changed struggle level gap to 200 between players.
    Reorganized set recipes in shops, and assigned new icons for easier use.
    Made Oblivion guard abilities do more base damage, str scale remains same.
    Gave Oblivion guard more str at lvl 1, less int
    Arcane Heal now also deals some AOE damage around healed unit, changed levels/cost.
    Added '-bt' command to quest log
    Changed map minifing algorithm
    Removed chainmail drops.
    Limited Netzach items to one of each, added some agility to bow.
    Fixed some bugs with how these give stats.
    Fixed Arcane Might tooltip
    Addd -cc command to see some custom commands.
    Added trigger that SHOULD prevents sins and Legion from attacking your main base (they can still kill wisps/secondary buildings)
    Made save filename also list your plat, to differentiate saves of same level.
    Removed undead nation from selection until can get fixed.
    dark summoner units should no longer break struggle
    another attempt at fixing 15 sec struggle start timer
    medean curseno longer chaos loadable.
    Altered some cliff topography
    added immolation to meat golem (for aggro not damage)
    Buying item to convert plat to 1000000 gold no longer does so if you have 1 million gold already, same for arc.
    Added bp command to buy a plat for 1 mil gold, 100k lumber remotely.
    Replaced Azazoth hammer bash with 1 mil str.
    Rebalanced some demon-despair items (tooth/fang less op, robe gives sig less int than staff now)
    added an option to convert 4 plat into 3 arc directly, to speed up process.
    Made arc and plat convert items no longer require empty inventory slot.
    Made most (not leg thanatos) chaotic boss upgrades check if meet level requirement to fuse, and allowed buying their recipe without needing a free inventory slot.
    Rebuilt Set recipe trigger to allow using ingredients in backpack!
    it also now tells you if missing items or plat/arc, instead of a combined message for both.
    Armor of gods and waug's ring limit 1 per hero.
    Fixed dark sword level 4.
    Now single player load check proficiencies
    "-bt" now pnly works above level 50.
    Some set items now require 7 ingredients. Horror

    Fixed some typos in tooltips
    Fixed Horror tooth str bonus
    Fixed Death strike effect teleport on behind the targets
    Fixed medean lightning tooltip, and made it do 1/3 damage to secondary enemies, since hits them all for now
    Fixed Sins spawning in right and left edges of town
    made blood elf inferno stone shorter cd and stackable, but decreased its stun duration so no permastun.
    Made game take you to town as soon as pick/load hero.
    Removed Banshee possession and nerubian queen raise dead.
    Made Paladin/dimension enemies only spawn if someone enters their region, no longer stand idle if unused, also added trolls to that area.
    Increased levels of some tuskar units.
    Fixed existence agi set recipe, and horror plate tooltip.
    Changed struggle level gap to 200 between players.
    Reorganized set recipes in shops, and assigned new icons for easier use.
    Made Oblivion guard abilities do more base damage, str scale remains same.
    Gave Oblivion guard more str at lvl 1, less int
    Arcane Heal now also deals some AOE damage around healed unit, changed levels/cost.
    Added '-bt' command to quest log
    Changed map minifing algorithm
    Removed chainmail drops.
    Limited Netzach items to one of each, added some agility to bow.
    Fixed some bugs with how these give stats.
    Fixed Arcane Might tooltip
    Addd -cc command to see some custom commands.
    Added trigger that SHOULD prevents sins and Legion from attacking your main base (they can still kill wisps/secondary buildings)
    Made save filename also list your plat, to differentiate saves of same level.
    Removed undead nation from selection until can get fixed.
    dark summoner units should no longer break struggle
    another attempt at fixing 15 sec struggle start timer
    medean curseno longer chaos loadable.
    Altered some cliff topography
    added immolation to meat golem (for aggro not damage)
    Buying item to convert plat to 1000000 gold no longer does so if you have 1 million gold already, same for arc.
    Added bp command to buy a plat for 1 mil gold, 100k lumber remotely.
    Replaced Azazoth hammer bash with 1 mil str.
    Rebalanced some demon-despair items (tooth/fang less op, robe gives sig less int than staff now)
    added an option to convert 4 plat into 3 arc directly, to speed up process.
    Made arc and plat convert items no longer require empty inventory slot.
    Made most (not leg thanatos) chaotic boss upgrades check if meet level requirement to fuse, and allowed buying their recipe without needing a free inventory slot.
    Rebuilt Set recipe trigger to allow using ingredients in backpack!
    it also now tells you if missing items or plat/arc, instead of a combined message for both.
    Armor of gods and waug's ring limit 1 per hero.
    Fixed dark sword level 4.
    Now single player load check proficiencies
    "-bt" now pnly works above level 50.
    Adjusted some normal Boss drop rates
    Added Infernal Hero. Deals Strength-based damage.
    Arcane Warrior is back with staff and cloth added as proficienies and 2 new abilities (no more sacrifice).
    Arcane strike and Arcane healing also buffed.
    Description changes
    Added a few low-level items (Level req 0) to try to balance out early game.
    Level 12 Requirement no longer exists
    Created Level 150 requirement tier
    Replaced pstats command with -stats #, and rewrote command to give correct colo experience while in Colosseum, and to give Colosseum modifier the rest of time.
    Stats now displays hp and mana with comma's for thousands and millions.
    Fixed despair cloth set upgrade description.
    Item duplication tables adjusted. Legions's ring now classified as ring (along with existence rings), and existence soul now grouped with dark soul items.
    Sphere of Azazoth now classified as unique drop (no group).
    Also improved error messages to give more detail- for duplicate items.
    Made basic potions stack if buy multiple of them.
    Took away Hero purchase costs. -starting gold now 600, lumber stll 500.
    No longer gain bonus gold from re-picking.
    Added anti-sin tower, that should teleport sins away from itself. Limit 1 per player.
    Defeat timer should now go away once base is built, instead of continuing to count down to nothing.
    Fixed stat cap to correctly take average stats if save at above 400k.
    Changed Weapons Merchant and Armor Shop item list.
    Changed some common item drops and added some uncommon item drops.
    Iron Golem Ore now drops from Iron Golem!!
    Royal Guardian's taunt now heals 5% of his max health.
    Forgotten peon level reduced to 400.
    Backpack no longer despawns enemies!
    New anti-despawn trigger created for chaos world, every 2 minutes it brings back lost enemies if too many despawned.
    Only restores up to 70% of original number, in a random spot in region.
    If < 30% of a unit type despawned, they will continue to revive as before.
    Altered Shield slam scaling to max at 8x str instead of 6x.
    Changed Demon hound to deal more damage but have less health.
    Made pure death have 3 levels, for up to 3x current damage output!
    Pre-chaos wisps now cost 5 food to build, but give more lumber.
    Night elf wisp costs 4 food, making them cheaper than others.
    Naga capital can now research improved gold harvesting and surpass blood elf gold income, but only on one gold mine.
    clear colosseum command for debugging colosseum/struggle when your xp stays low but noone actually in there, unsure if needs to be in changelog, but here for you to decide.
    'bt' command now spends up to 99 plat at time to minimize lag, just type it again to get more.
    Fixed dark soul drop rate so something drops 85% of the time, instead of 50%.
    Changed stats of lots of pre-chaos early-game items. Check them out.
    Ultimate Hydra's Spear's regen decresed from 1000 to 500
    Hydra is now stronger.
    Dragoon Set damage and critical reduced from 5000 to 3000 and 33% 7x to 30% 5x, so Iron Golem Fist is still better
    Iron Golem Fist and Critical Fury are now both 55% 6x crit.
    Fixed assassin to actually take 5x damage like his description says he should.
    Dark Soul not requires level 700 instead of 725

    Added a new hero Arcanist, created by CanFight
    Hero Arcane Warrior removed for the time beign
    Removed hero glow effect from under the heroes (was causing problems that Heroes didn't have the correct selection box)
    Now all heroes have describiful tooltips
    Fixed "-bt str" command bug
    Added 'Rare Thanatos +2' to shop
    Removed Voodoo and Resurrection from the Bloodelf Spell Book
    Struggle experience rate down to 1/5 your current rate, was 1/2
    Struggle can have max 70 enemies out at once, to reduce lag
    Removed Mind Control abilities from map
    Made mass teleport and dark summoning not work in Infinite Struggle/The inifite Tower/ Colloseum
    Made Blood sword display kill count every 10 kills.
    Tweaked Savior bash damage bonus and level 4 now tooltip is correct
    Tweaked Dark Savior's Medean Lightning and Metamorphosis.
    Legendary Item upgrader temporarily removed (to be fixed later)
    Reduced cinematic from 70 seconds to about 35 seconds.
    Made Rogue Backstab no longer leaks, also now deals 0.25 x agi per level but changed to spell damage (ignores armor).
    Fixed Master Rogues Backstab angle check
    Master Rogues Death strike now teleports behind target enemy
    Wisps now cost more but also give more lumber, to encourage teamwork by not having map trees run out as easily.
    Making depo buildings cost food, so gold mines cost more food to occupy
    but also give more income (only blood elf for now)
    Iron Golem Ores now only drops from Taurens, Ogres and Magnataur; but has 2% drop rate instead of 0.5%
    Iron Golem ore now saves.
    Fixed Pheonix Ranger Explosive Arrow tooltip, also it now hits an AOE
    Fixed Bards Tone of Death hitting spell immune units.
    Implemented new revive system, works more reliably and now costs 6% of your gold AND lumber to revive.
    Made struggle detect if player leaves game, and remove them from group.
    Regular home gives 140% exp up to level 30, then 100% after.
    Demonic nation and Satan's abode items no longer save.
    Chaotic homes now give more exp.
    Removed scroll resurrection from random loot table.
    Can now save a maximum of 400k cumulative base stats, instead of 200k each.
    Colloseum pays gold when you die, not when everyone finishes, and should no longer teleport you when other people finish.
    Created new "safezone" trigger to prevent enemies from entering town, and teleport them out when they do. Does not teleport heroes though.
    Added new pre-chaos items: Dragoon's Wings, Runic White Bow, Hooded Hide Hiding Cloak and Orb of Mist.
    Changed some item stats for pre-foc balancing: Tri Fire Shield (former lightning sheild), Pendant of the Forgotten Ones, Hydra's Spears and Paladin's Hammers..
    Changed Mink, Tri Fire Magi and Forgotten Mistic inventory and drops.
    Added 2 pre-chaos sets: Dragoon Set and Forgotten Mistic Set
    Added normalized icons for chaotic damage, armor, and strength stat
    Changed horror tooth from 50k agi and 11k dmg to 16k agi and 69k dmg
    Netzach itens are now pickable and saveable and also doens't remove your hero
    Fixed 'Pendant of the Forgotten Ones' typo (Forgetten)
    Added the official Beta-Testers to the Main Quest Log

    Fixed bug where Assassin skills were not working correctly
    Fixed bug about the items not saving (only the first one of the hero and first one of the backpack)
    Nerfed Bard ability from 15 times every 15 sec to 12 times every 17 sec
    Dark savior changes:
    Medean ligtning manacost reduced from 15000 at maximum level to 9000
    Freezing blast manacost down to 12500 instead of 25k and cooldown down from 25 sec to 12 (still 4x int damage)
    Staff and robe proficiency added
    Plate proficiency added to Royal Guardian
    Assasin's cutting blade renamed sweepiing blade, now deals 2x agi instead of 3, still every 2 sec at max level
    Blink strike weakened from 20 agility multiplier and 15 sec cooldown to 3.75 agility multiplier and 5 seconds cooldown
    Save system fixed
    Colloseum entry system rebuilt/fixed
    Tomes remade, now triggered by commands (eg.: -bt agi to by Agility tomes)
    Holy shock (Priest) cooldown reduced from 25 to 16 seconds
    Reduced stock regen cooldown on book of gods and good shoes
    Reduced Nerubian Spider (level 175) gold reward from 10000 to 4000 since their wave spawns a lot and Infinite Struggle
    Fixed Despair items level requirement incorrectly set at 500 instead of 475

    Possibly fixed Colloseum issue

    Ring of Struggle gold gain reduced from 25 times to 10 times (and fixed tooltip that was stating 15 times - now correctly stated as 10)
    Now you cannot carry multiple Rings of Struggle
    Taurens now sleep at night
    Removed Orb modifiers from: Aura of Gods, Godslayer Set and Great Savior's Sword
    Fixed memory leaks in creep respawn
    First 3 weather effects chosen will be no worse than rain. (does not apply to chaotic world)
    Fixed player group leak in -stats command, and -pa command
    Changed hotkeys of most active heroes abilities to 'Q', 'W', 'E' and 'R' style
    Changed skills to have a default normalized pattern (including spellbooks)
    Changed Pheonix Ranger Multi-Shot skill icon
    Changed Arcane Warrior and Savior hero icons
    Fixed thanatos wing loss of visibility on the character, renumbered legendary wing upgrades
    Fixed a number of struggle waves to give gold now, tunnellers now are level 19 instead of 3
    Removed the possibility to upgrade the Blade of Blood in struggle, now you have to actually kill demons
    Added ability to upgrade regular and rare, dark soul and thanatos wings twice
    Reworked duplicate item system, now enforces limit of 1 item from each boss more reliably, (allowed 1 weapon and 1 armor from legion/aza)
    Added two new heroes Bard and Assassin (CanFight heroes).
    Changed loading screen and description.
    Added new Raid dungeon "The Infinity Tower", with a new boss Netzach
    Possibily fixed some big "internal bug"
    Using new type of optimization
    Save code now have more UTF charactes and are separated by a space instead of hiphen
    Jewel of Horde require level 100
    New stats cap amount set to 200000
    Took away Nerubian Seer raise dead, to avoid despawns

    Fixed Despair Set AGI tooltip values
    Fixed Horror Set AGI tooltip agility value
    Fixed Void Set AGI tooltip strength and intelligence description (incorrectly stated as 'all stats')
    FIxed problem were Abyssal Bow, Abyssal Cutlass, Abyssal Hammer and Abyssal Rod (as well as their broken versions) were marked as usable (while were permanent items)
    Removed hidden Scepters
    Existence Sets and Evil Shopkeeper's Necklace are now savable
    Town is now visible all the time
    Ring of Struggle now add the correct value of gold as defined by the tooltip
    Ring of Struggle show a floating message (similar to damage) with the amount of gold gained if any gold was gained
    Added a new command "-unstuck bag". You should use it if your bag gets locked in the middle of the town level 1 after loading (Just select your bag - only your bag - and run -unstuck bag). The instructions of how to use it are in the quest logs as well.

    Fixed some DISBTN buttons
    Put the correct icon type on the Stats Intelligence and Agility
    Fixed a bug that caused the item carried by the Sponsor which may cause it to complete the Vengefull Paladin Quest
    Fixed problem were Godslayer Set were destroying the item in the first slot
    Fixed problem were Dark Summoner summons could have problems entering Infinit Struggle and it's heroes would be counted as normal heroes
    Possibly fixed problem which may have caused the Backpacks to not load correctly in multiplayer games when loading almost simultaneously
    Added Credits in Quest Logs.

    Fixed a bug were you could hear a sound the sound of priest diying and could've selected it while casting Dark Savior's Freezing Blast.
    Added 8000 strength to Horror Set STR
    Fixed Horror Set Create recipe description and the line-spacing in other recipes.
    Increased Dark Savior's Freezing Blast AOE from 200 to 400.
    Now it's impossible to save the game with Dark Savior while in Demon Form
    Shortned Map name to "CoT RPG: PoM FoC Nevermore" style
    Possibly fix a problem that game would freeze for some seconds after picking a hero

    New Save/Load system (CodeGen)
    Some items that weren't saveable do save: Ultimate Hydra's Spear, Savior's Cloak, Cheese Sheild and Medean Devourer Egg
    Backpack is now saveable as well
    New item type introduced: Divine (e.g. Aura of Gods and Godslayer Set)
    Save's now create a file with your code under your "Documents/Warcraft III/Custom Map Data/CoT PoM FoC N" folder
    Savior's Cloak now is dropable by Dark Savior
    Savior's Cloak new stats
    - 1000 Health Regeneration
    - Reincarnation (15 min cooldown)
    Aura of Gods now has a correct the correct template tooltip.
    Aura of Gods now gives the better stats from Gods items.
    - Worldwide blink
    - Fire damage modifier (Splash)
    - 2.000 Immolation damage
    - 200 Regeneration
    - 4.000 Damage
    - 9.999 All stats
    - 4.000 Armor
    Despair Set AGI is now more balanced
    - Damage increased from 79.000 to 180.000
    - Armor increased from 11.000 to 16.000
    - Agility increased from 21.000 to 98.000
    - Strength and Intelligence increased from 4.000 to 15.000
    New set item: Godslayer Set (Level requirement: 100)
    - 5000 Damage
    - 2500 Armor
    - 1000 Regeneration
    - Lightninig attack modifier
    - 50% chance deal 3 times damage
    - Reincarnation (15 minutes cooldown)
    -- Recipe
    - Great Savior's Sword
    - Savior's Armor
    - Savior's Cloak
    - 1 PC and 1 AL
    Gods Slayer now uses the Godslayer Set item instead of Savior's Armor.
    Cache for Single Player play should be working correctly now (still doesn't save other values such as Gold, Lumber, PCs, ALs, Honor - which doesn't make much sense either - Play time and Colloseum XP). If you're really interested in this feature to be fully functional, I can nicely finish this.
    Added more trees to make bases more balanced
    Removed units and factions to be acquireable:
    - All hireable units from the Cathedral
    - Removed factions from Biggers Homes: Fel Orc Capital, Pig Encapment, Pupa Blood Capitol, The Fallen Lords (Factions are going to be completely reworked to make the gameplay more fluent into chaos mode, and also make the factions more balanced in between them)
    Dark Savior reworked with new a complete new set of abilities (All scalable with attributes)
    - Medean Lightning (Chain Lightning blast in one target enemy)
    - Freezing Blast (Freeze followed by a Frost Nova on taget enemy)
    - Dark Sword (Active ability modifier that add more damage through attacks with cost of mana per hit)
    - Metamorphosis
    Now Iron Golem Ores have a chance of dropping from almost every unit on the normal map (0.5% chance).
    Fixed a bug in which the incorrect level message were showing when trying to pick up an item.

    -Nevermore Dev Team Start-

  • [​IMG]
    Waugriff for creating the Original Curse of Time.
    darkchaos for creating the Fires of Chaos expansion.
    Wareditor - Loading Screen & Description.
    TriggerHappy - System Code Gen
    Earth-Fury - System Bonus Mod & Set Unit Max State
    -Berz- - BTNSpikedRing; BTNStormHammer; BTNTokenofAgility; BTNTokenofIntelligence; BTNTokenofStrength
    Afronight_76 - ShadowLich (Azazoth)
    Akolyt0r - BTNAquamarineRing
    azruk - IllidanEvilFlying
    bigapple90 - BTNredsword4; BTNEnchantWeapon
    Deolrin - Blood Elven Arcane Huntress (Master Rogue); BTNArcaneHuntress (Master Rogue)
    Devine - DemonShieldTarget
    donut3.5 - Wraith Lord (Sin)
    FrikY - BTNShadowTorment
    General Frank - Chaos Knight
    General Frank - Bloodelf Phoenix Arches (Phoenix Ranger)
    GooS - BTNheartofwinterGS
    Gwen Stefani - BTNWindfury_Totem_Staff
    Hanza-Ru - Black Wings (Thanato's Wings)
    Hellx-Magnus - BTNRavenblackArmor
    JetFangInferno - Shivas's Wings
    Juan_Ann - BTNMagicBronzeArmour
    kola - BTNChainLightning; BTNHealthRing
    levigeorge1617 - Aura of Shock
    Mc! - BTNSoulArmor
    NFWar - BTNBattlemageArmor; BTNBattlePriestHammer; BTNDagger
    Pelsen - Dragon Screen
    Raging Ent - BTNFireWand
    republicola - Headhunter
    RightField - magicmissile
    sc_frek - InfernalBirth
    SilverEx - BTNSteelCuirassFinalLightned
    Tarrasque - Demon Knight
    Tenebis - HeroBloodKnight (Arcane Warrior)
    Tranquil - Angel (Netzach)
    The Panda - BTNFireyBow; BTNPurpleBow; BTNYellowBow
    Blizzard Entertainment:

  • [​IMG]
    "Our motivation is our players; they are a huge support and encourage us to keep adding new content and fixing bugs.
    The plans we are currently working towards are Server Side Saving, our own host bot that will auto host and much more content to be released.
    We also continually try to implement new heroes to fill the roles that others don't, as well as add content suggested by players in our discord.
    The amount that CoT is hosted brings me joy as a developer, seeing lobbies packed with people who really love the game."

    "I knew about curse of time many years ago, but I recently discovered the new expansion and was given an opportunity to work on the map I used to play so much."

    "Anyone who played CoT back in the days remembers the insane number of bugs that it had, some of them added to the charm others not so much. So at some point I figured I might as well check if the Developer is still around. That’s when I found out that Hotwer had just taken over and started working on the map. So I teamed up with him and as months passed more and more people joined the team. By now it's been over a year since we started and I honestly see no end to this. The map just keeps getting bigger.
    The list of things to do seems endless sometimes, but I guess that’s part of the fun."

    "My playing habits indicate a revealed preference for exponential growth schemes. This makes product improvement an optimal strategy for maximizing enjoyment."

  • [​IMG]
    Additional Information:



CoT Nevermore v1.33.15b (Map)

1. Choose a Hero unit's order icons (Stop, Move etc.) do not have DISBTNs (green squares on F10/pause). Use these to create the necessary icons: Button Manager v1.8.2 BLP Lab v0.5.0 Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons How to Make an Icon 2. First...
I see this is all being updated once in a while. That's a good sign of... Approval.
  1. NightMareGod


    Jan 3, 2015
    i play this game with my little brother on lan and its not working at all right now

    Attached Files:

  2. BlasterSans


    Dec 5, 2016
    just asking how to fix the bag glitching ? i load my code and my bag only lvl 1 it dropped my items :< and it won't move
  3. Hotwer


    Mar 10, 2013
    Sorry, the version it downloaded is probably the broken one (1.30.2). Download the reverted version (1.30.1) and it should be fine.
    I'm not sure why this problem is happening. Please, try to use only the first slots and not the last ones.
  4. Plop860


    Jun 2, 2015
    loaded my hero was lvl 120 or something had most of the pre god items, my hero attack speed was super slow removing/equipping items didn't change anything. Was playing phoenix ranger.
    Edit : it seems like the chronos stone is causing the bug when loading and replaceing or removing it.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  5. Hotwer


    Mar 10, 2013
    I will take a look into it.
  6. darkchaos11


    Aug 17, 2007
    HotwerNevermore has my full permission to make any and all changes that he deems necessary.
    I stopped creation of the map around 6 years ago. Due to multiple errors that came about as a result of adding more things - which all sort of made the map unstable. I left the map in a semi-unstable state, but a state that made creating more additions difficult. Although I resolved myself that I would not mind whatever additions that the people after me would make, I am still nonetheless very pleased about what HotwerNevermore has done so far. I believe that making a more polished mod version(re-mastered, if you will) is something that the game desperately needed.

    I never gave full credit to the authors of various content that I used in my game all those years ago. I blame it on my naive young self, and if it is rectified that would also help me be more at peace. However, this is a difficult thing to do at this point as I have used a lot of resources without credit to date. Nevertheless, I hope you can appreciate the effort that HotwerNevermore is doing in fulfilling this difficult task.

    Furthermore, I also realize that this post alone may not prove my identity. Therefore, I have also posted on my website containing a link to this page.

    Thank you for all of your efforts to date and in the future, HotwerNevermore!
  7. Hotwer


    Mar 10, 2013
    Thank you so much, DK!
    Thank you for taking up the time to get in here giving me permission so I can continue your work! And also, thank your for maintaining this lovely map long ago, you may never noticed how many hearts you probably grabbed with it.
  8. darkchaos11


    Aug 17, 2007
    No problem. At that time, I was only interested in making the map that I myself wanted to play. Along the way, people also became interested and joined the effort. It was a great experience, and I hope you also find something. Good luck!
  9. Lezorad


    May 14, 2010
    I think you should add cam commands to the game, they really make the game more enjoyable ^^ There is a lot of them on here if you dont want to make one yourself :p
  10. Plop860


    Jun 2, 2015
    Master rogue is supposed to have dagger and leather profficiency, but when you equip chaos dagger and leather they go broken state. -pf command shows he doesn't have any....
  11. theblackarrow


    Feb 5, 2009
    how to get access to cache files?
    (map is nice but my connection not rly helping to play online so often so need grind offline)
  12. xXxMKDxXx


    Aug 29, 2011
    Omg.. this map is back.. after thousand years eternal peace...
  13. Hotwer


    Mar 10, 2013
    Just type -load without any code, and it shoud load normally (be aware of everything I stated on the first changelog).
  14. BlasterSans


    Dec 5, 2016
    My Garena won't allow me to use version 1.27.1 so i'm kinda stuck out here. It worked 2 days ago and now it won't work anymore so i need a little help
  15. afis


    Jun 11, 2017
    are you planning to bring back the other heroes over time, or just run one alter for a while?

    Also, r u looking for assistance in developing this further?
    I made some of my own mods to the map as I played with friends and can email you if u want to see the kind of work I do.
  16. noob2


    Mar 27, 2017
    Is dark summoner a hero that is supposed to have an hard time dealing enough damage?
    Basically I reached 65000 int and equipped sassy brawler,medean curse and iron golem weapon(the thing with 50% of X6 damage) and it still takes a whole lot of time to kill anything with armour that is not reduced to 0.(ps I summon stuff too but I do not have yet the level 400 skill for improving summons. will that skill change a lot of things?)
    Would summoner be op if the critical boost items and orb effects did apply to minions?
  17. Hotwer


    Mar 10, 2013
    Sorry, but I don't think there's much I can do for you right now. You should try to play using on Battle.net or Tunngle

    Yes, next will probably the Tri Fire Mage. If you're really interested in helping with the map, send me a PM so we can discuss that.

    It's a bit hard to do that, but I dont think it would be that OP. But before that, I do intend to rebalace all classes (And I will focus on that rather adding new heroes).

    Just to make it very clear: I will add more content to the game, but that's not my focus. My main objective is to make the game as more polished as possible, not to make it my own game.
  18. noob2


    Mar 27, 2017
    One of the big problems in balancing stuff with default warcraft 3 heroes is that agility increase dps and armour for the first 400 points but after that it stops increasing dps because you reached the maximum attack rate boost of 400%(which is why every item ever giving attack rate boost is basically useless because it is capped and the cap is reached by taking a bunch of tomes) but your armour keeps increasing to when you increase all the three stats the needed damage to kill a hero grows quadratically(basically two times more armour makes you have approximatively twice the solidity) while damage grows linearly.
    This is why there is a whole lot of critical strike items(to help damage grow together with solidity) but critical strikes items caps at 100% chance of dealing X100 but guess what divide damage by approximatively 100? Having 1000 bonus armour does that.
    So if you place an item which gives 1000 armour you need to balance out to add an item who gives 100% chance of dealing X100 damage but there is not such an item thus there is a problem in the damage vs armour race in hero vs hero.
    One solution is to make sure critical strikes grows at a rate comparable to the one of armour but you somehow decided that you would need critical strike items that you can not just buy at the main shop while you can buy with ease tomes of + all stats and armour at the shop to gets easily tons or armour and hp to be near unkillable.(if there is a +1000 armour item with easy access there should be a 100% chance of dealing X100 damage item with equally easy access if you want balanced pvp)
    Basically my summoner only got lightning shield and iron golem weapon as defensive items and he only have 1000 base strength and agility and it still needs quite some time to get killed by its own minions(which benefits from all its intelligence) and can tank most stuff.(except for stuff way out of his league that he can not kill due to them being overly tanky)(basically since I want to be able to kill myself I am very limited in stats other than intelligence)
    (It is written that with his piddly 1100 armour he gets 99% reduction so he takes 100 times less damage from all attacks so you need the attacks to deal 100 times more damage if you want them to work normally on that hero)
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  19. afis


    Jun 11, 2017
    "So if you place an item which gives 1000 armour you need to balance out to add an item who gives 100% chance of dealing X100 damage but there is not such an item"
    Actually 1000 armor multiplies your damage taken by 100/(100+6*1000)=1/61, you would need 1667 armor to equate to a 100% 100x crit.
    And the map-maker tried to address crazy armor from agility by requiring 33 agi to get 1 armor, a drastic departure from wc3 standard of 3.

    That said, I still agree with your conclusions that it gets drastically harder to kill another hero is wc3 scaling is allowed free reign. I believe chaos mode tries to address this by giving chaos enemies 350x damage against all armor types, but taking 33x less damage, a 10x gap to speed things up.

    P.S. when it says 99% or 100% damage reduction it ROUNDS the display, it never actually stops 100% of damage.
  20. noob2


    Mar 27, 2017
    Well I guess it makes sense that the games rounds the percentage.
    It made me overestimate armor significantly.
    So the 100% chance of X100 damage item should be compared to an item of 1667 armour.
    2000 armour items are significantly harder to find than ones providing 1000.