Crimson Skull Units 2

In this thread I ll upload other units models for the CrimsonSkull/Black Order faction

Spellcaster unit
Base model:Archcleric by Elenai

Elite unit
Base model:Knight and Horse texture by the big orc warlord himself Rommel

Black Order Knight (Model)

BlackOrder Knight Icon (Icon)

BlackOrder Knight_Portrait (Model)

Crimson Skull Units 2 (Model)

Curser Icon (Icon)

Curser Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Wonderfully creative and well-made models. Work in-game and perform quite well. Good job.
Level 33
Dec 15, 2012
wonderfull pack of dark skulls, well done, it may need beast/monster too like black dragon, dire warg or something bestial 8D
Thank you! I might consider adding some bestial models 😁

Good ol' HoS Knight serves again!
Great work, I really like your models. Have a distinct feel, somewhat between Warhammer and Dark Souls.
Thank you very much! The HoS pack is one of my all time favourites and a source of inspiration :D