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Creating an Arena Battle Sequence for Turn-Based Map

Discussion in 'Triggers & Scripts' started by TomDziaba, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. TomDziaba


    Aug 12, 2019
    Hello, I am a noob map creator, and I am trying to create an 8-player, turn-based, strategy, FFA game. I am struggling to create a trigger with a ton of moving parts which will be one of the main mechanics for my map consisting of randomly selecting, indexing, and moving heroes (up to 5 per player) from a starting "staging" zone and into a random arena (1 of 4). A thorough explanation or example would be much appreciated as I have never done anything like this before (learning as I go with no background).
    (This is just one of the many battle sequences, but if I'm shown how to do one, I think I can figure out the rest.)
    For learning and editing purposes, please add trigger comments.

    I will attach my current map to the post.

    The trigger "Entering Battles Per Zone" is in the first folder on the trigger list. This is the trigger I am trying to create. So far all I've done was try to index the regions. Let me know if there is any other grunt-work for me to do to make this faster for you before you help (or just make a scaled-down example and comment if possible or preferred).
    (<> stands for region in in this post)​

    There are 10 sub-regions (e.g., <A1T1>, <A1T5>, <A1B2>, <A1B5>)--5 on top owned by one player, 5 on bottom owned by another player--per arena (<A1> - <A4>).
    < A # (1 of 4 arenas) T (Top or Bottom) # (Hero number: 1-5 Heroes per player) >
    Existing Indices:

    -Each player has 30 hero slots, 5 "staging" for determining who will go into battle next, and 25 reserves. I have these regions indexed as PlayerRegion[1-240] in the trigger "Player Hero Slots" within the "Moving in Starting Area" Folder.
    -PlayerRegion[1-5, 31-35, 61-65, 91-95, 121-125, 151-155, 181-185, and 211-215] correspond the the staging areas (1-5) for player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
    -ArenaNumber[1-4] for the 4 arenas inside trigger "Arena Hero Slots" within "Entering Battle Per Zone" Folder

    -ArenaHeroSlot[1-40] for the arena slots 1-5 are for Arena 1 Attackers (top), 6-10 are Arena 1 Defenders (bottom), 11-15 Arena 2 Attackers (top), 16-20 Arena 2 Defenders (bottom), 21-25 Arena 3 Attackers (top), 26-30 Arena 3 Defenders (bottom), 31-35 Arena 4 Attackers (top), 36-40 Arena 4 Defenders (bottom). These are indexed inside trigger "Arena Hero Slots" within "Entering Battle Per Zone" Folder.

    I. Goals:

    (I am trying to make it so that after a timer or whatnot [use elapsed time 10 seconds for ease of testing or no event--I'll do that later], the arena sequence begins)

    1. Randomly select any of the playing players (1-8) [PlayerNumberCombat(integer variable)] and put them into groups of 2 battling each other (if there is an odd #, either the losing player [scoring trigger will be made later] or a random player will be excluded [and count as an automatic win--done later]).

    2. Randomly select 1 of 4 arenas (variable: ArenaNumber[1-4]) to battle in for each of the groups of 2 players battling.

    3. Move heroes from each player's "staging zone" (there are 5 per player: e.g., <P1Staging1>...<P1Staging5> where P# is player#) to the ArenaNumber[X] (40 array region variable indexed in "Arena Her Slots" trigger) region they are battling in at the start of the battle.​

    II. I need to be able to track what player is in what region, so if they win (by being the last man standing or having the most %HP of total heroes in region at the end of a timer), they will gain score towards a win condition on the map that has yet to be made.

    III. I need to be able to snap the camera to the area each player is in and disable the "Moving" "Selection" and "Deselection" triggers when the battle is taking place, so one cannot move their heroes back to their base by mistake mid-battle (and re-enable them, so one can once again move heroes around inside their designated base).

    IV. (low priority)
    I am thinking about potentially making a 2 v 2 game mode which would exclude players on a team from fighting each other and making a tie-breaker fight (round 2) if one player from each team wins.
    Also, I am thinking of making tournament rounds where each winning (and losing player for loser's bracket) player fights in an 8-player bracket until there is 1 winner who gets a larger score boost.​

    I know its a ridiculous amount of info and a tall request, but any sort of advice would help too. Thank you!

    Attached Files: