Create A Basic Signature On Photoshop

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Apr 23, 2008
I'm Atreyu from TH and I would like to submit my tutorial here.

How to create a Basic Signature on Photoshop


What is a Signature?
- Signature is the graphic art usually found on below the user's posts. For the Hiveworkshop, I know you see the signatures below their posts.

Why have One?
- Well, in that case, its up to you....

That's finished. Let's get started!

The Image:

In some signatures, you often see images and stuff like that. They're called renders and you can find renders here: Planet Renders // Renders - Home
Find the image that you want to have for your signature. For this tutorial, the image I want to show you is this:


That's Kakashi.

The Cut:

Well, you've seen the image, now you have to cut it. Why? Because if you don't cut it, the background would interfere and its in a layer - A single layer. So let's get started!

Use a Pen Tool or a lasso tool:


I would suggest Pen tool. Why? Lasso tool takes time to make and it doesn't look perfect in the end.

Start using the tool around the image and carefully take a look at the sides. When you're finished, you have something like this:


That's how its done in a pen tool. Nice and perfect. Then what do we do next? We cut it and finish it of course! Right-click on the image and select Make selection - As shown in the picture below:


When thats finished. You see a message popping up and says something with a zero. Just click Ok and it'll be fine... When you're done you have something like this:


Ahh.. A nice-looking cut eh? That's the end of the Pen Tool work. When you're done... You have to delete the background. Right-click on the image using the box-tool/Circle-tool. And select inverse.. That way, you're selecting the background not the image and just click DELETE. It'll be all white.. Select inverse again. Part two end.

Transferring the Image:

After you select the image. Right-click on it and click.

Now, the image is on another layer. Now, create a new file with a size 350x120 - That's my size for any signature. Go back to the render file and click duplicate layer. Duplicate it to the New one. You might see this image when you've transfered it:


Well don't be scared. Resize it and it'll be fine...

After you've resized it, it'll look like this:


Pretty cool eh?

Creating the Background:

Each image should have a background. And a signature wouldn't look nice without one..

Create a new layer and smooth it all up by using a render. I use a cloud render:


Use a black color if you want it to look like black smoke. You should have something like this:


Creating the text and brushes:

A signature would look slightly better if you add brush strokes to the mix. Use any brush tool you have and create a nice effect that reflect your theme/Idea. Once that is finished, you have something like this:


Looks better now right?

To add it all up, Write a simple text that says... Anything you want:

The Finish:

For the finishing, add more and more renders. I used Lightning effects for this one:


Once you clicked it, you'll find something that looks like this:


Place the little circle to the point you want the light to be. I used the omni light .

Finally, change the color of the image so that it matches the background.

Like this:

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Jun 30, 2005
how do u add it to the signature??? i dont want the
cos u dont get the full picture...
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Aug 10, 2008

hey ehm nice tutorial, i was just wondering what photoshop ur using?

i got photoshop elements 6 tho, and i its a bit different from what u got there, other versions like cs2/cs3 is too expensive for me and im a beginner in photoshop>.<

just wondering if u got any experience in photoshop elements, if u have could u give a little tutorial in that too? would be lovely:)

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Aug 10, 2008

ye ok, ye i got now cs3 extended:p got it for free somehow xD
ehm ye i see now that the basic signatures are pretty easy to make, made some cool ones myself:eek:

tutorials are very nice, so make one if u can;)