Crawg Rider

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The Crawg Rider are great trackers in te battlefield with their crawg sniffing blood, after the campain in Nazmir the san'layn have found a perfect creature for their hunting for pure blood, with the crawgs they became a very hard enemy to deal in the war.

All textures are with the better quality as possible for cinematic purposes, so it's up to the user to optimize it or not.

This Model contain the following animation sequences.

  1. Attack 1
  2. Cinematic Hang
  3. Cinematic Reverence
  4. Cinematic Roar
  5. Cinematic Talk
  6. Cinematic Wounded
  7. Death
  8. Decay
  9. Portrait
  10. Spell
  11. Stand 1
  12. Stand Ready
  13. Stand Victory
  14. Walk
Character model belongs to World of Warcraft - Blizzard ®


Crawg Rider (Model)

SLCrawgRider (Reforged) (Icon)