Counter Strike ( CS 1.6 ) Hive Workshop Clan

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Jan 21, 2012

Counter Strike Hive Workshop Clan

Would you like to join a clan and play for Hive Workshop and have fun with other hivers ? This is the time.

I come here again to host another gaming group for THW. I hosted one for DotA 2, and it is very sucesfull and very active! Now, I know a lot of you are playing CS GO, but someone doesn't. So this is the chance to play together in CS 1.6. Now I would host a CS GO, but apparently I do not have the game. Remember, this is just for fun and playing together with other Hivers. I hope this goes as sucesfull as the DotA 2 group.

In order to join the group, post here with your cs nicknames and also the servers which you play in most of the time, post your steam name so I can add you for comunication if needed sometimes.

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