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Could anyone help me with an alpha skin?

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I'd appreciate it if anyone could make a 32x32 pure alpha skin picture. It'll be used to cover something up in several games I am making. It's difficult work messing with Blizzard's UI. :thumbs_up:

If you need an example of what I am asking for, look below.
I want basically that, but it will be invisible to players in-game.


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Level 25
Aug 13, 2011
There's an internal file like that:

But if you need it as an import for a certain filepath or something, I got you covered like a warm blanket on a white Christmas.


  • SoTotallyAlpha.blp
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Heh thank you Tickles. =)

I looked, but couldn't find something like UI\Widgets\EscMenu\Human\blank-background.blp. Thanks for that as well. Blizzard knew how to alpha skin, didn't know if they did or not. I'll use that in-game texture to save file size, however I might use that custom texture for something else. So again thanks, much appreciated.

Edit: I'd give you rep, but I apparently need to circle it around first. I like the blanket. =)
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