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(click here)help! like 5 things i need help with! (click here)

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Level 2
Apr 18, 2009
Bunch of things i need solved xD

1.How do i make a "Foot Swich" open/close a gate?

2.How can i make a "Foot Swich" trigger a unit to attack a certian thing?

3.How can i make (2) swiches needed to be use a thing?(like number 2 needed to push down 2 foot switches for the unit to fire?)

1.How can i get a "Non clickable" thing tele u some where (or if it makes it easyer) walk onto a spot and u tele somewhere.

1.how do i make a unit make another unit tele some where OLNY if the first unit going to get the tele from the second unit has a sepical item?

1.-part 2-unit 1--->unit 2---> unit 1 (speical item)--->unit 2 tele unit 1 to area

D.-final- how come most of my skins wont work? -gets them from hive- like 1/10 work. no lie its evil >.> how can i solve this?
1. Make a region over the foot switch. when a unit enters that region kill the foot switch.
2. when the foot switch dies, make the trigger run. be sure to ressurrect the foot switch
3. turn off the final foot switch triggers until the foot switches before them have been activated.

1. Make a region that moves units instantly to another region. once they enter it. Simple triggering

1. elaborate

1. Make sure you have the right file paths in the import manager. the paths will be gien to you on the page you downloaded them from.
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