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Charges in Items with Jass

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Level 3
Jun 25, 2008
I got a problem...
I took Diablo DK's Recipe System and i modified it a bit...
I added ChargeCounters for the items... It should work fine, but it does not because i have a problem with the items:

I have a normal Claw +15 and in ObjectEditor it has Charges = 0 for sure
But if I store the Charges into a variable its 48 and not 0...
If i do the "Display to (All Players): Integer(Charges in Item in Slot1)" and i have the claw in slot 1 it displays 0.
But if I write into the Custom Script:
call DisplayTextToForce( GetAllPlayers(), I2S(udg_idc)) // udg_idc is the variable with the charges
It says it has 48 Charges.

Can you help me ?
That destroys the whole system -.-
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