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[Solved] Charge Spell

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Alright. This is my third thread within a week. :xxd:

Anyway, I need to know how to make a spell that's quite complicated. Here's what it can do:

When the unit casts Charge in a target area, the unit will have increased movement speed, will not collide with anything, and will deal 25 damage to all units in 160 range as he charges. Once he reaches the target area, the effects will wear off.

Spell is based off Shockwave.

GUI and MUI, please. :)
Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
RMX GUI MUI Beginners Map should give you everything you need.
Just modify the fire dash as you need and add a trigger that picks every 0.1 seconds (or somewhere around that value) units within your charging unit - if they're in range, deal damage to them, add them to an arrayed unitgroup that is for checking whether a unit has already been damaged by the charger and if so, o nothing ^^
When spell finishes, just remove all units from that unit group.
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