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CHAOS V0.5.2Beta

Submitted by KYTON
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
CHAOS or Custom Hero Aeon of Strife is an all new A.O.S (Aeon of Strife) map with several new features along with some renowned features.

PLEASE NOTE: The newest version is very unstable and since I haven't worked on the map for months. Go to the last page and I will make a post there attaching the last stable version. Thanks

Features include:

Custom Heroes:
All heroes have 2-4 classes from which they can choose skills from ensuring free development of your hero. Chaos currently has over 150 skills to choose from.

Three Way Setup:
Chaos is based on a three-way A.O.S. setup allows fun action packed chaotic gameplay. The three races are Wildlings (based on Night elves), the Soulless (based on undead) and Righteous blades (based on humans). Your race has no effect on which heroes you may choose. The win system is also a variation: Unlike in other three way AOS maps, the game ends when any main building is destroyed. The team whose total building life is the largest at the end of the game wins.

Strategic Points:
Strategic points is An all new unseen feature. Across the map there are 4 "Strategic Points". Capturing them will not only improve your gold income, but also improve your creeps.

Upgradeable Creeps:
Not only does chaos have a selection of upgrades it also has a small amount of temporary bonuses for your creeps, to give them the edge when is needed.

Item System:
Chaos has an item system, causing heroes not to be able to use more than one item of the same type. Types include: Weapon, Staff, Boots, Armour and Artefact.

Monster Shrines:
Across the map monster shrines is scattered. Using them will summon creeps based on your level.

Large Variety:
Chaos currently has 50 fully customizable heroes and more than 120 items and item upgrades.

Special thanks to everyone who has posted in this forum for your ideas and support, without your support none of this would be possible.

Please note that this map is protected, if you want to know how I did some of my abilities or have any warcraft related question pm me and I will be glad to help.


Chaos Version 0.5.2

Fixed bug that might strip you of your ulti points if you have more than 1 and buy an ulti
Fixed Sylvian Pride which granted a +20 int bonus instead of +20 agi
Fixed Elixer of Restoration to no longer share cooldowns with the potions made by the craft potion ability

3 New Heroes:
Gryphon Rider

Added a

Changed X/Y button position of all spells to 0/2 which making it easier to track which skill book
of abilities is going to level

Changed Ensnare's Hotkey from E to R
Changed Energy Burst's Hotkey from E to B
(E is used by the static abilities of heroes)

2 New all skills:
Arcane Resistance (grant damage reduction vs magical damage)
True Sight (See invisible units)

Remade Spell Shield:
Spell Shield now cause damage taken goes to mana. Used to prevent spell damage.

Removed Seal of Water cast duration
Reduced Seal of Thunder damage from 60/65/70 to 50/55/60
Reduced Frost BUrst damage from 150/225/300 to 125/185/245

Redid monster shrine code (no longer leaks + Units created formula is now slightly differant)

Remade Win/Loose code
When defeated in last team standing you now become an observer
Shops now remain in last team standing at the defeated base

Reduced movementspeed of melee heroes from 295 to 290
Reduced movementspeed of short ranged heroes from 295 to 280
Reduced movementspeed of int heroes from 295 to 270

Reduced attack speed of melee heroes from 1.44 to 1.8
Increased base life of all heroes from 200 to 250
Reduced base mana regen of all heroes from 1.75 to 1.25
Improved base mana of all heroes from 0 to 50
Reduced mana gained per point of intelligence from 16 to 14

Increased Boots of Lightning Speed ms bonus from 75 to 80
Reduced Jade Boots speed bonus from 75 to 60
Reduced Freezing Boots speed bonus from 75 to 60
Reduced Unholy Boots speed bonus from 75 to 60
Reduced Mystic Boots speed bonus from 75 to 70
Reduced Crimson Boots speed bonus from 75 to 70

Boots of Lightning no longer has Lightning speed ability
Increased Freezing Boots slow rate from 25% to 33%
Reduced Unholy Boots cast time from 1 to 0.5
Reduced Unholy Boots transition time from 3 to 1.5

Reduced bonus mana regen from ring of energy from 1.5 to 1


Chaos Version 0.5.1

Deleated a 1000+ unneeded destructables
(note the trimming on the rightious blades' side)
(The reduced destructables will make it harder to exceed 8192 handles)
(also reduced file size by 2kb Oh yeah!)
Improved the armor of all towers by 5
(The 23% improved damage reduction should make them a bit harder to destroy
Mains still have 0 armor)
Fixed Far Shot
Fixed Animal Empathy
Fixed Evasion
Fixed Skeleton Mastery
Improved the life of melee creeps by 25
Fixed Seal Of Thunder
Recoded Tryton's Fist
Recoded Blade Sentinal
Fixed Sonic Wave's buff

Chaos Version 0.5.0b

Fixed bug causing the "You still have to learn this skill..."message to always appear for player 1 instead of the correct player
Fixed Starfall

Remade Airstrike removing some leaks
Fixed bug which could cause Airstrike not to work
Fixed Airstrike tooltip which now displays the correct hotkey
Removed some leaks in Frost Burst
Made frost burst more efficiant
Holy Burst no longer causes creeps to flee to the main base
Changed Sleep's hotkey to L since P is Patroll
Fixed Seal of Death's Special Effects
The Dryad's Entangle ability is now in the correct icon slot
Increased Hellfire mana cost from 60 to 100 (description said it was 100)
Increased Hellfire cooldown from 8 to 12

Chaos Version 0.5.0a

Fixed the mayor bugs assosiated with book of abilities
Fixed Oger and Rune Blade Voices (wtf)
Fixed Oger description
Fixed -help command text
Fixed Bug with Dark Impulse causing it to do far more damage than it should
(Created 2 damage missiles per unit instead of 1)
Fixed Bug with Thunder Nova causing it to do far more damage than it should
(casted wrong dummy spell)
Reduced Oger attack speed

Chaos Version 0.5.0

2 New Heroes
Remade Timestop
Fixed Avatar
You can now type ! before your messages to display it above your unit.
????? (I lost track)

Chaos Version 0.4.2f

Fixed -dis#
Triton's Fist's hotkey is now N

Chaos Version 0.4.2e

Fixed bug mayor bug in 0.4.2d preventing you from capturing strategic points
Bug could be origin of intense lag as well.

Chaos Version 0.4.2d

-------------------------Chaos Version 0.4.2d-------------------------
2 New Heroes: Crusader & Batrider
New Item: Token of Luck
Fixed bug with fireball
Removed some leaks

slightly improved performance of mystic blast
Greatly reduced amount of missiles of Breath of Frost, Broadside Salvo and Breath Weapon
Riftstorm no longer knockbacks people caught within it.
Increased range of mystic staff to 1500 from 700
Increased life healed by mysic staff from 100 to 150
Increased ranged of greater mystic staff from 700 to 3000
Increased life healed by greater mystic staff from 200 to 300
Changed Icon of Mastery & Mystic Shield
Increased Seal of Thunder cooldown to 120 from 80
Reduced Seal of Thunder damage from 65%;70%;75% to 60%;65%;70%
Increased Mana Cost per Second of Elemental Storm from 33 to 40 (further nerfing will be done with later updates)
Increased Disruption Blast Damage from 60/95/130/165/200 to 60/105/150/195/240
Increased Disruption Blast Cooldown from 6 to 8
Increased damage dealt by Unholy Blast from 30/45/60/75/100 to 30/50/70/90/110
Reduced Divine Shield Cooldown from 40/37.5/35/32.5/30 to 35/32.5/30/27.5/25
Reduced Moonray Cooldown from 8 to 12
Improved the life healed by Craft potion potions from 40+Str to 40+1.25Str
Improved the mana regained by Craft potion potions from 40+Int to 40+1.25Int
Increase the dps of Craft Potion potions from 6+0.2Agi to 6+0.25Agi
Increased the dmg of Craft Potion potions from (Int+Agi+Str)/1.75 to (Int+Agi+Str)/1.5
Increased trample damage from 20/30/40/50/60 to 30/45/60/75/90
Reduced trample knockback/damage interval from once every 0.1 seconds to 0.2 seconds
Remade Mystic Blast, improving its preformance and chaging the way it deals damage
Changed Mystic Blast FX
Added a caster FX to Currosion

Reduced cooldowns of all upgrades by 60.

Fixed bug with mystic blast, which prevented you from using it

Chaos Version 0.4.2c

Added 2 new skills: Mastery and Craft Potion...both is all skills.
Improved Core Efficiency, Removed bugs with Main Core.
Removed stupid leak in multi-board which leaked every 2 seconds.
Redone the code of the multi-board.

Chaos Version 0.4.2b

Fixed tip 7
Fixed Baccob's Spellbook Description
Fixed mayor bug with Whirlwind
Fixed bug with game messages displaying that incorrect when someone is killed by Wildlings

Chaos Version 0.4.2a

Fixed -stuck bug causing game to crash

Chaos Version 0.4.2

Fixed amount of creeps spawning for Wildlings in bottom lane
Fixed bug with multi-kill
Fixed bug with first blood
Fixed mayor bug with thunder orbs
Fixed bug with gold sharing
Fixed bug with the Burning Soul Ability of the fire elemental not to improve with levels
Supportive Spellcasters no longer has Heal but now has a passive heal aura due
to the new changes with the 12 player system

Supportive Spellcasters no has an attack range of 500 instead of 600

Reduced mana regen of all heroes without attributes/items from 2 to 1.75

Yozshura the Fire Blade Orc no longer has Spellcaster class

Chaos Version 0.4.1


Added 3 new portals at the outer strategic points that teleport to the central one.

You can now choose between 2 game modes with a dialog at beginning:

Standard (Normal: Team with most building life when a main is destroyed win)
Last Team Standing (Last Team Surviving win)

All game codes are now activated via a dialog at the beginning of the game.

At the start of the game it now preloads the abilities so it don't lag the first time you buy it

Every 60 seconds it displays one of 16 tips.

"Idle Worker Icon" is now only displayed when you have free abilities

New Items
Holy Symbol
Divine Symbol
Elixer of Restoration
Essence of Darkness
Crown of Prator
Cronus' Might
Baccob's Knowledge
Triton's Fury

New Abilities:
Ion Cannon (tech)
Explosive Barrel (tech)
Demolition (tech)
Seal of Water (Water Only)
Vampiric Aura (warrior & unholy)

2 New Game Modes:
Enchanted Creeps
Artifact Mode

Some gold is now given to players if a hero was killed by their creeps
Fixed GOLD spam with repick and -r
Fixed All random bug with Claymore and Warship
Fixed beserk wich required you to choose the hero as an target.
Essence of Fire no longer only grants +25 damage but now grants the correct damage bonus (+35)
Fixed -help for player 1
Fixed bug with Sleep (Unholy Only)
Fixed bug causing huntress not to gain the bonus range from Far Shot (Archer Only)
Fixed bug with Troll Berserker's Berserk to not work at all
Fixed Frost Bane activated effect
Fixed bug with Contagious armor
Fixed possible conflicts between whirwind attack and certain spells
Fixed bug with Moon & Bone arrow causing it to face the wrong direction sometimes
Earth Shield no longer launches its missiles to non-organic units, which caused no effect
Fixed Adrenalin Rush which no longer requires a target
Fixed the meteor bug which was only partially fixed in previous version
Fixed the very old Revive Bug by remaking the revival system
Fixed black rain displaying wrong buff
Fixed bug with Animal Empathy granting a dummy ability for the learner
Fixed bug with bleading arrows allowing you to target yourself

Mayor script improvements on most systems, which might lead to new bugs but will improve performance
Units summoned by monster shrines now grant experiance
Neutral hostile units no longer have a handicap of 75
Neutral hostile units now have a handicap of 75 in short mode
You can no longer repick in all random
Reduced sell return rate from 90% to 70%
Summoned units now grants 20% of normal experiance instead of 0%
Improved Script of Wealth Shrine Capture
You can no longer bypass the last bought ability restriction is you have 4 non-ulti abilities
Attribute bonus now changes the last baught ability you selected, but is not effected by the restriction

Death and Decay no longer effects buildings or wards
Feedback now effects 20 mana but deals half damage to heroes
Feedback now deals 20 bonus damage vs. summonded units
Nether Touch now reduce armor by 3 instead of 2
Reduced Summon Nature's Ally cast time from 1 to 0.5
Increased Summon Nature's Ally life from 225 to 250
Increase Summon Nature's Ally Movementspeed from 350 to 360
Reduced Summon Nature's Ally cooldown from 80 to 40
Deah and Decay now creates a permenant area of blight
Molten Core now improve up to the point where you have 200 intelligence instead of 100
The Smite distance no longer increase with strenght, but is now between 300 and 400 instead of between 300 and 300+Str*5

Flamestrike no longer damages allies
Decreased flamestrike dps to 15;25;35;45;55
Improved damage of Trample by 20 at all levels
Improved the amount of bolts from rain of fire by 25%
Remade Electro Magnetic Pulse: Now has improved visuals/leakless/removed delay between stop channeling and effect
Remade Thunderstorm now with reduced leaks and instead of randomly picking a unit, it picks the nearest unit
The minimum damage of triton's fist now slightly increase each level instead of being 1 10;30;50;70;90
Airial knockback now has a reduced chance to knockback the unit to an invalid location
Corrected the damage of the second wave of orbs in thunder orbs and increased the damage of the first
Increased damage of thunderclap to 60;110;160;210;260 but reduced duration from 3.5 to 3
Earth Shield now effect units in a 150 aoe.
Increased Earth Shield cooldown from 12 to 20
Increased Earth Shield max duration from 12 to 16
Improved visuals of Seal of Death and Seal of Thunder
Increased the damage of aftershock from 10;23;36;49;62 to 20;33;46;59;72
Increased the aftershock bounces from 4 to 5
Slightly Reduced Holy Light AOE
Reduced Vulnerability Mana Cost from 45 to 30
Reduced Vulnerability Cooldown from 15 to 10
Reduced Unholy Blast Cooldown from 15 to 12
Images created by mistic chain now take 0% damage instead of 200% and deal 30% damage instead of 50%
Reduced Mystic Chain Cooldown to 120
Increased Mystic Chain Bounce number of targets from 4 to 8
Freeze can now only target organic units
Improved the randomness of rain of fire
Improved the randomness of Meteor Swarm
Improved the randomness of mine field
Increased the stun duration of meteor swarm from 0.65 to 0.7
Increased meteor swarm meteor AOE
Remade Sleep (Unholy Only), which now effects 5 units, but increased cooldown to 25 and each bounce the duration is reduced by 25%

All staffs now grant +12 intelligence instead of +10
All basic staffs now grant +5 damage instead of +4
Improved the potency of the spells of most staffs and/or reducing their cooldowns/mana cost
Remade all the armors

Improved the Call of Champions gold cost from 75 to 100
Increased number of champions created when turn the tide is used from 4 to 6
You can no longer buy upgrades at enemy bases
You no longer require a nearby unit at your main base to buy upgrades

Fixed ThunderStorm Description stating that it needed Spellcaster

Changed Sinjo (Panderan warrior)'s model to standard "Fire" model reducing map size by 150+-

Remade Frozen Boots/Boots of Frost Abilities slightly improving script and improved visuals slightly
Flame Boots Damage now stack with Immolation/Flame Shield

The Wizard no longer has a -50 penalty on range

Minor Terrain Updates

Chaos Version 0.40b

Remade repicking. You can now repick a hero, where previously you where given
a random hero when repicking.

2 New Heroes:
Claymore + Warship


While repicking multi-bord no longer displays a countdown negative value
Fixed bug causing the Huntress' attacks to bug, bouncing less than its supposed number of times
Fixed bug which allowed rune hammer to grant bonus damage to allied units in rare cases
Fixed bug causing the damage dealt by meteor swarm and meteor to sometimes belong to player 1
Fixed bug causing units effected more than on knockback ability to sometimes freeze in mid air:
Fixed Mayor bug with -stuck to cause a unit to be permenantly paused
Conversion no longer grants free skills
Fixed bug causing parasite to sometimes in rare cases grant bonus skills


Increased the life of the first towers by 500
Increase the life of mains by 1000

Changed Flame strike hotkey from M to K
Changed aquatic blast hotkey from Q to C

The Raider summoned by the Warlord now also gains Massive Blow if the hero has it
The attacks of the Huntress now deals 15% reduced damage to each target instead of 30%
The Battle Mage's flame glave now deals 1.75 times his agility instead of 1.5
Nether Touch now lasts 3 seconds instead of 2
Increased attack speed bonus of berserk from 15% to 20%
Reduced Lightning Field cooldown from 8 to 7
Increased Lightning Field AOE from 300 to 350
Increased Lightning Field damage from 50 to 65
Increased Death and Decay damage from 3% to 4%
Decreased Death and Decay duration from 25 to 20
Reduced Death and Decay AOE from 1250 to 1000
Reduced Death and Decay cast range from 800 to 600
Reduced Rampage damage recieved from 20% to 10%
Reduced Rampage mana cost from 50 to 35

Increased damage dealt by whirlpool from 5 per 0.05 seconds to 7 per 0.05 seconds
Trample now checks pathing

Fixed several tooltips (mainly hero tooltips)
units hurled through the air now can't be effected by the knockback of a similar ability while in the air

Chaos Version 0.40a

Added Massive Blow (Warrior) skill
Added Blue Dragon to spawnable creeps in Boss Creep Mode


Fixed Bug with Short mode and Strategic Pionts
Fixed MAYOR bug with summon Nature's Ally granting bonus skills
Fixed Sylvian Blades Recipe
Fixed Bug causing Far Shot to sometimes not to increase range with levels
Far Shot now also grants correct bonus range
Soul Burn no longer bugs when the Fire Elemental Dies
The Bonus agility of evasion no longer bugs
Berserk ability (Troll Berserker) no longer bugs with Black Rain
Removed the attack speed bonus from Essence of Wrath which was incorrect
Fixed Sleep Icon
Fixed Buff Displayed when Lightning Elemental dies
Upgraded versions of armor can now be sold
Fixed Seal of Thunder FX
Frost Burst no longer bugs with aquatic blast
Seal of Thunder no longer deals NORMAL damage but Magic
Fixed Eyfer Snowstrike description
Fixed BUg causing mass bless only to affect the caster


Remade breath of frost and Frost Burst
Acid mist is now stationary has deals improved damage
Slightly changed mystic blast (Spellcaster only) attraction
Reduced Blade Sentinel mana cost from 100 to 75
Increased raise dead cooldown from 3 to 5

Essence of Vengence now grants 125 bonus damage instead of 100

Slightly increased Frozen Orb Damage and fixed damage description

Increased Dark Ritual (Warlock) mana cost from 50 to 60
Decreased Dark Ritual (Warlock) damage from 65% to 50%
Decreased Dark Ritual (Warlock) AOE from 350 to 250
Dark Ritual now has a delay before dealing damage
Changed Dark Ritual Icon and FX

Frozen Soul (Frost Elemental) now deals 50 damage to allied and deals intelligence x2.5 to non-allies
Frozen Soul (Frost Elemental) may now target units without mana
Frozen Soul (Frost Elemental) now improve mana regeneration by 15 for 10 seconds

Bone Arrow (Skeletal Marksman) now deals damage equal to 1.75 times the caster's agility to itself

Rune Hammer (Battle Priest) now improves damage by +15% instead of +12%

The Troll Berserker no longer takes +15% damage when in berserk

Fixed Storm Hammer (Shaman) Animation

Fixed Parasite (Coatl) cooldown
Parasite (Coatl) now deals 3 damage per second instead of 2

Slightly improved the Attack speed bonus of thorgas, but is no longer
a bonus on attack speed, but rather a reduction of attack cooldown

Chaos Version 0.4
Wealth Shrines now grant a +4% life bonus while controlled for creeps
Creeps now also drop tome of strength +2, tome of intelligence +2 and tome of agility +2 in Runes Mode
Updates to terrain
Increased number of builings

Creeps no longer spawn at main base
Increased creep spawn rate from 45 seconds to 40
The barracks now spawn 4 basic melee warriors when killed
Creeps now display damage; armor and healing upgrade


Fixed Vengence cooldown!!!
Glaive Thrower now grants the correct amount of gold
Armor Upgrade no longer only grants 1 armor for mountain giant and now displays correctly
Removed Camara bug after revive
Removed Guided missile bug when targeting non-organic units
Ziggurats now grant the correct amount of gold (200)
Moon Wells no longer give 0 gold
Fixed Mystic Longsword description
Fixed bug causing wall of fire's damage not to increase with levels


Change restoration to its appropriate name: VENGENCE
Fixed Raise dead description
The damage dealt by Wall of Fire now stacks with the damage dealt by shield of fire
Increased Vengence mana cost
The Raider summoned by the Warlord now has Hero Armor instead of Large
Increased Frost Bolt mana cost from 100 to 125 and added a 0.5 cast time
Reduced Wave of Frost damage from 80;130;180;230;280 to 60;105;150;195;240
Reduced Winter orb cooldown from 8 to 6
Reduced Meteor Swarm max duration from 10 to 8
Reduced meteor swarm stun duration from 0.8 to 0.65
Reduced Flame shield mana cost from 60 to 40
Removed Enchanted Weapons (Warrior) due to stacking inbalances.
Reduced Mystic Shield Mana cost to 60 from 100
Reduced Mystic Shield cooldown from 10 to 8
Reduced Lightning Elemental negative regeneration from -20 to -15
Increased Lightning Elemental life at all levels by 25
Increased Wave of Frost A0E
Increased Blizzard damage from 15;25;35;45;55 to 15;30;45;60;75
Reduced Triton's Fist Cooldown to 10
Increased Nuke Cast time from 2 to 2.5
Increased Nuke mana cost from 250 to 300
Increased Nuke damage interval in first second from 0.25 to 0.33
Decreased Nuke damage per second from 30;40;50 to 30;35;40
Reduced Holy Light Cooldown from 30 to 20
Reduced Holy bless mana cost from 60 to 30
Reduced Holy orb mana cost from 125 to 45
Reduced Holy orb cooldown from 30 to 15
Holy Burst now has a cooldown of 16
Holy Orb's now have a LOS of 250 instead of 0
Skeleton Mastery now grants +% attack speed, movementspeed and life for skeletons and no longer gives raw values as bonusses

Holy Orb no longer has any mana cost for its heal ability
Reduced Divine Shield mana cost from 100 to 75
Reduced Divine Shield cooldown from 80;75;70;65;50 to 40;37.5;35;32.5;30 at all levels
Reduced Mass Bless Cooldown from 60 to 30
Reduced Mass Bless Mana Cost from 175 to 100

Potion of hardiness now cost 45 instead of 60
Dust of Appearance now cost 50 instead of 100

Changed Names of Upgrades
Damage upgrade now grants +6 instead of +5
Turn the tide now cost 200 instead of 400

Taverns are now altars
Reduced All creeps life by 25
Increased Supportive Spellcaster Heal mana cost from 5 to 10
Supportive Spellcasters now have a +1 mana regen
Changed the position of some heroes in the taverns (now Altars)
Heroes no longer start with a -2 penalty on armor.
Sightly reduced gold granted by creeps
Reduced Main Attack cooldown from 1.5 to 1

Elven Archer no longer has Holy Class, but now has Moon Arrow Ability
Kar the Everburning no longer has Warrior class, but now has Burning Soul Ability
Gnoll Assasin no longer has improved attack speed, but instead has Precise Shot Ability
Panderan Warrior no longer has improved attack speed, but instead has sword mastery ability
Ras Frostbane no longer has +0.5 mana regen, but now has Frozen Soul Ability
Eyfer snowstrike no longer has Nature class, but now has Snow Strike ability
Sither now has Creature class, no longer has +25 movementspeed but now has Naga Traits Ability
Wizard no longer has a +0.1 cooldown on attacks

Further all other heroes now have new abilities and improved normal preset abilities

Creeps no longer improve by destroying towers
Wealth Shrines renamed to Strategic Point
Renamed Naga Sea Witch to Venna

Screen shots


Firstly Win Condition is selected. In last team standing you need to kill both teams, while in sudden death the team whose total building life is the most when a player is defeated wins.
Game modes is then selected. In standard a hero may be selected multiple times by different players. In classic a hero may only be selected once by a player and in all random all players get random heroes.
As you can see, chaos has a large selection of game modes.
Above is a screen shot of enchanted creeps modes. In this mode creeps have a chance to spawn with a special ability. This wave of creeps deal AOE damage and has bonus damage.


All the altars currently available.
The warship has the bonus ability to fire all his cannons and annihilate those who come to close.
An picture of the fire spell, Hellfire.


CHAOS V0.5.2Beta (Map)

16:55, 22nd Aug 2009 Rui: This map is not working for patch 1.24. Please fix it and use the Update button to upload a new version.
  1. wh1pl4sh


    Sep 29, 2008
    wow i really missed most of the stuff while i was gone but ja. wd on new version buddy. even my cousin likes it...anyhow, u keep spelling wh1pl4sh wrong so im gonna teach you how: wh1pl4sh
    its spelled wrong on the Thanx to in the map startup. also it's not with a capital letter. gRUBs is spelled gRUBs and Anator changed his nick to _Vandeta_. just a couple of reminders an stuff, dont get upset no offence intended. just that we like our names spelled right.
    the "tutorial" is cool, i really liked it, but make it slower cuz some ppl read SLOW...
    anyhow just watch it yourself and see how you can improve on it. it's still kinda confusing but getting better.

    btw we host it alot, but i forget to save replays. have about 20 on my flash, wil give u next week or something. please note they are OLD replays but maybe they will help

    will post on the potions later
  2. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
    Random idea is great! But I decided to instead cause it to several aura's where each new aura is unlocked by a research. Altough the aura's really suck, they tend to add up eventually. I'll still have to see what the actual effect on gameply is. The aura's so far is:

    +2 life regen
    Level 1: +1 armor
    Level 2: +5% dmg
    Level 3: +3% atk & ms
    Level 4: -1 armor
    Level 5: -5% dmg

    Level 4 & 5 still undecided and chances are I'll change it since they are "supportive spellcasters" but I thought it would be good if the research levels "cancel" the reaserches of your enemies to minimalize the effect on gameply.

    Please comment on this auras idea.

    @ Zinive: Awesome item ideas. I was looking for some emerald idea's and for some reason never though that I could use "nature" like in the emerald tree. Ancient root is brilliant! I think I'm rather going to make it that it casts ensnare with a changed bug so that the target is only immobile instead of stunned (entangling roots disable units entirely)

    As for your ability ideas: Liquad body is a great idea as well. I should cause it to stack with the evasion chance of the water elemental :grin:

    Coin press is quite interesting I must say...

    I could make it that you gain an intrest rate on your gold like:
    every 5 seconds all your gold is increased by that percentage

    Wooden Maul is also a good idea:
    Reason: Bash is an orb effect and 10% bash is far from great so you will be sarcificing your ability to use instane orb effects and it would be reasonably cheep.

    @ Frozen Fenrir: You have a point there. Heroes could get really out of hand really fast. Altough currently they heal 10 life with "Heal" to anyone which didn't effect gameplay drasticly, but mmm. Ty for reminding me...

    @ whiplash:
    *OFF TOPIC* I think I'm cursed! WTF! *OFF TOPIC*

    I'll fix your names in 0.4.2

    Any suggestions on how to improve the totorial other than to make it slightly longer waits? Things I should mention?
  3. FrozenFenrir


    Jul 14, 2008
    maybe split those 2 auras in 2 different researches but u can only research ONE of them so the team have to decide which would be more effective(if u think about this option u should raise the -1 armor to -2 cause its more equal like the -5%dmg IMO)

    5% every 5 secs is extremely much
    example: u have 2000 gold
    after 5 secs u get 100 gold
    and after a while u dont even have to kill creeps'n'stuff cause your money gets bigger and bigger and bigger
    i would say 5% every 10-15 secs

    btw...while we are talking about money...
    i got a new skill idea

    Name: Toss a coin
    (NUKE) the player tosses a coin. if "heads",the enemy gets dmg equal to XX% of your current gold and if he's channeling it will be aborted. if tails the enemy still gets the same amount of dmg but u also lose the same amount of your gold.

    so it has a 50% chance if your toss succeeds or fails

    CD: 45secs
    manacosts: 80

    2-3%of current gold in dmg

    4-6% of current gold in dmg

    6-9% of current gold in dmg

    8-12% of current gold in dmg

    10-15% of current gold in dmg
  4. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
    Argh!!!! Bad news.....

    In my version 0.4.2 (99% done) I found a bug which well can't be fixed since the creators of warcraft forgot to add a UNIT_TYPE_WARD and thus I can't add or remove it.

    Let me explain:

    In version 0.4.2 all creeps have the WARD classification. The result is that you can't order the unit to do something. When you select the unit the order buttons is not there. (Okay actually you can still order the unit to move or attack by clicking, but I made a trigger to prevent that) At the end of the day they act 99% like you don't own them. The creeps are then given to player 1, 2 & 3 and bounty is now given via triggers which cause you not to gain the gold of creeps.

    Like I said I can't remove the ward classification from the units.... so if you convert them, make mirror images of them or animate them there will still be a restricion on their controll.

    This will cause several abilities to have MAYOR bugs.... Abilities include:

    Mystic Chain
    The Animate Dead of Dark Impulse

    I could disable these abilities and update tonight or could remake them and update tomorrow or I could remove the ward classification which will cause the entire 12 player system to get stuffed?

    What should I do?

    Also when I remake what should Mystic Chain do? Should I replace it with a new ability?
    Any ideas for a magic ultimate? Should I cause dark impulse to raise the dead units as zombies? Should I remove the raising of dark impulse?

    Also.... I'm quite sorry to say. But I didn't get the time to add your new abilities. Coin toss idea is awesome... I like it so much I think I'm rather going to make it into an item. Like Coin of Fate. I'll add most pf it in version 0.4.3 which would be a quick hotfix for bugs that will appear in version 0.4.2
  5. Zap_Brannigan


    Dec 17, 2008
    hhhhm Kyton this is just a idea but maybe you need 2 rethink some of your items. I mean like let say Krona's might. 2 build it is just so hard and it is really pissing me off. I mean like 2 build it you need 4 items were 3 of the 4 are other items you also need 2 build and those 3 items also need 2 be build and the items the 3 are made of also needs 2 be build. I mean like after a while it is just not worth it 2 go through all that effort just for that 1 item. You also run out of inventory space later wich also makes it a lot harder. BTW starting gold bugged up when i played. I got 70 gold, Whip got 600, other ppl also got other amounts of gold. Btw Claymore is realy cool, i love him!
  6. wh1pl4sh


    Sep 29, 2008
    i have an idea. to fix the creep and 4v4v4 thing. just prevent the named abilities from affecting creeps, like heroes only.
  7. FrozenFenrir


    Jul 14, 2008
    well and if everything else dont work...well...
    12 players are hard to get these days(still have problem with getting 8 other players...)
    so it wouldnt be that bad if u stay at your 3v3v3 based map.
  8. wh1pl4sh


    Sep 29, 2008
    yeah true but sometimes it gets boring 3v3v3, not enough action. o, bug found, avatar and that warrior ability which gives u max ms and unable to cast spells bugs and activates both with hotkey...ill add the ability name later forgot it :p

    is the claymore spellcaster??? cuz somehow he gets spellcaster abilites. oh, another thing, if you chack ur movement speed, it shows you your ms and any1 whos ability buying wisp is near u's ms
  9. wh1pl4sh


    Sep 29, 2008
    dunno if u guys ever played dota before icefrog started working on it, but theres a guy which ulti is EXACTLY like your ability. cool idea, but only if u have money...
  10. FrozenFenrir


    Jul 14, 2008
    well yes i played dota before but i dont know every hero there lol
    i hate dota so i dont steal any skill from there
    it was my own idea =O

    well that skill would perfectly fit to that "coin press" skill and also to a hero idea from me some time before (that true alchemist who had transmute)
  11. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
    Finally an update... I made a few updates...

    My changes:

    -------------------------Chaos Version 0.4.2-------------------------
    Reduced Special Effects of rift storm which should reduce lag slightly
    Changed rift storm the dps per 0.3 secs from 20,30,40 to 20,25,30
    Changed the final damage of rift storm from 150;225;300 to 100;200;300
    Avatar now grants a 50% chance to knockback units
    Reduced Leaping Strike Cooldown from 30 to 20
    Removed some useless stored data that caused spells to be more likely to
    use the game chache and thus lag
    Remade Trampel Entirely which now knockbacks units
    In Last Team Standing the multi-board no longer displays building life and
    only displays Defeated/Alive
    Fixed bug with guided missile

    -------------------------Chaos Version 0.4.1b (never uploaded)------------
    Supportive Spellcasters no longer has "heal" but now grants bonus life regen to nearby units

    The upgrade Improved healing is now replaced with Supportive Magic which grants an additional aura
    with each level of the upgrade:

    Level 1: +1 mana regen (stacks with brilliance and other mana boosting auras)
    Level 2: +1 Armor
    Level 3: +5% damage
    Level 4: +4% ms & as
    Level 5: +5% life steal

    1 New Item:
    Nature's Grasp

    1 New Ability:
    Rift Storm (Spellcaster Only)

    Short mode now only effect the life of units that can attack

    Remade the descriptions of all non-charged items

    New abilities in enchanted Creeps mode:
    Lightning Echanted (Create chain lightnings dealing 15 damage apon attacking)
    Nether Enhcanted (reduce armor with attacks)
    Diehard (reincarnation)
    Spell Immune

    Fixed bug causing the human mains to become vulnerable if the connon tower on the right is destroyed
    The tree of life no longer grants free "max food" (had no actual game effect)
    Fixed Bug allowing Neatral Creeps to Gain First Blood
    Fixed amount of creeps spawning for Wildlings in bottom lane
    Fixed bug with multi-kill
    Fixed bug with first blood
    Fixed mayor bug with thunder orbs
    Fixed bug with gold sharing
    Fixed bug with the Burning Soul Ability of the fire elemental not to improve with levels

    Supportive Spellcasters no has an attack range of 500 instead of 600

    Improved Eldin Magefire agility per level from 3 to 3.25
    Reduced Flying Dutchman strenght per level from 3.5 to 3.25
    Reduced Flying Dutchman agility per level from 2 to 1.5
    Increased Flying Dutchman intelligence per level from 1.5 to 1.75
    Improved the intelligence of all ranged intelligence heroes by 0.25
    Changed Coatl's stats which was unlike its description stated:
    It is now:

    Agi. 16 +0.5
    Int. 16 +2.5
    [Str.] 25 +3.5

    Reduced mana regen of all heroes without attributes/items from 2 to 1.75

    Yozshura the Fire Blade Orc no longer has Spellcaster class

    Parasite damage now improves with level
    Parasite is now permenant on non-heroes
    Parasite now slow target slightly
    Feedback now improve with levels
    Amplified attack now improve with levels
    Everchanging form now grants 25% bonus evasion instead of 20%
    Reduced Pulverize damage from 45 to 30
    Pulverize now improve with levels
    Improved Naga Traits granting +8% ms instead of +7%
    Reduced damage of lightning field from 65 to 40
    Lightning Field now improves with levels
    Each bolt in broadside salvo now deals 0.4 times the users strenght instead of 0.5
    Improved attack speed bonus of rampage from 20% to 30%

    Removed Mystic Chain due to bugs with it and the new 12 player system
    Disabled Conversion to due to bugs with it and the new 12 player system
    Dark Impulse no longer animates dead units

    Seal of Water (Water Only) now deals 80;100;120 damage per second instead of 125
    Seal of water (Water Only) now lasts 4 seconds instead of 3;4;5
    Increased Seal of Water (Water Only) mana cost from 200 to 225
    Increased Ethereal Jaunt mana cost from 80 to 100
    Decreased Ethereal Jaunt cooldown from 16 to 12
    Ethereal Jaunt now boosts movementspeed by 10%
    Clone can no longer target non-heroes

    Improved the Intelligence bonus of Tome of Arcana from 20 to 25

    Most of the updates is rather minor... I should update a few mayor things in the next few versions. The next update I'm going to focus on a few new items and new abilities as wells as remaking some of my older abilities. I might add another tavern...
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2008
  12. RickBanzon


    Jan 1, 2009
    Found a couple of problems, something needs frost mask, but there's only ice mask and the last item for the sapphire needs frost wake, which there is none.
  13. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
    Thanks for reporting the bugs with the descriptions.
  14. bladenker


    Nov 23, 2008
    don't goes
  15. FrozenFenrir


    Jul 14, 2008
    1.it actually DOES work
    2. learn english...
  16. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
    Sorry but my only update with the new version is the fix of the -stuck bug... I'll make another decent update later...

    Sorry people I started another map....which I didn't finish...and then started another one...but didn't finish that too...Finally I decided that I should continue with CHAOS....if you are interested in becomming an official beta tester...I made a forum...where currently looking for people and when we have enough we will play official games on weekends on Europe B-net Sever
  17. FrozenFenrir


    Jul 14, 2008
    you can count on me for betatesting =)
    can u post the forum link?
  18. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
  19. bountygiver


    Jan 6, 2006
    When I first played this I must admit I was impressed. Your skill customization system means that it was possible to create any build of hero I intended, the vast array of game modes promises a fun experience, and your "elemental" item systems are most definitely a good addition, as it makes it easy to decide whatever we want to buy later in the game.

    You done quite some work on the terrain, as I can see, however it still looks a little bland on my opinion. Try to makes better use of doodads, it greatly improves the aesthetics of the terrain.

    The pathing system works quite fine to me, but I sometimes get this problem that suddenly all my creeps just stopped suddenly for a few seconds and doing nothing. They continue pushing after a while, but sometimes it gets a little bit frustrating. Hope you can fix that in the next version. Other than that, I also get no bounty from killing elite melee troops and siege weapons.

    Other than those, it's a well rounded AoS map with almost unlimited room for development. Compliments again for a good job done.


    PS: It's spelled "Recipe", not "Recipy" :)

    EDIT: 5/5 rating given
  20. KYTON


    Oct 28, 2007
    Thank you... and mmm.... some areas are really bland now that you mention it... this is prob due to the fact that I started with everything bland and worked on small areas adding features to those areas which cause some areas to be a lot better textured than others....I'll try and improve the terrain, especially at the outside of the map...

    This is due to the fact that whenever a new wave spawn all the orders of all the creeps are refreshed...which for some reason cause the units to stand still... I'll fix this in the next version...Since I now actually know how to check if a unit is idle...

    Sorry what do you mean by elite troops?

    Thanks a lot and thanks for the rating.

    lol... I'll remember that....X-D