Can some one plz make me a three winged attacment

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Oct 18, 2006
can someone make me a three winged attacment i need it for my new anime rpg that i am and i know people request for anime models alot but i don't see this as an anime model. It only has to be very simple with a stand animation. Kind of like

but with an extra one in the middle it is for setsuna mudo from angel sanctuary if you were wondering why i needed 3 wings

Thank you for taking time to read this and thanks more if you can make it

Bellow are a few screenshots of the map and the map is still being made and coming along great


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Well since that use hasnt been seen since 2004 im guessing its ok to edit his model? aslong as u credit him, i dont need any credit

All i did was make one wing uber small and then rotate the other one a 10 degrees so it wouldnt over lap the first two (from the link u gave me)

Just add 2 orb abilitys one with the twin wings and one with this
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