Campaign Features

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Jun 16, 2004
Welcome to GG&K's Dwarf Campaign Forum!

GG&K's Dwarf Campaign is a story-driven single player campaign for WarCraft III The Frozen Throne. Chapter 3, Temple of the Old Gods, can also be played by two co-operative players on or LAN.

Campaign Features
  • A story developed by three long time role-players and fantasy enthusiasts
  • A story integrated into the World of Warcraft
  • Story-telling through in-game cinematics
  • Elaborated dialogue and characters
  • Puzzles and riddles to solve
  • Hours worth of playing
  • Three difficulty levels: Novice, Experienced, and Professional
  • Selectable dialogue speed
Chapter Specific Features

Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind
  • Dwarven stronghold with opportunities for smithing, gold mining, and defense fortification
  • 2 new heros, 1 playable by the player
  • Several new monsters
  • Several new items
  • Custom scripted undead AI
Chapter 2: City of the Seven Mithril Golems
  • An artistic map of the area that can be viewed during the game
  • 1 new race
  • 1 new hero
  • 1 revised hero
  • A boss monster with several new powerful abilities
  • 4 new level 11+ monsters with carefully designed abilities
  • Over 10 new monsters and creeps
  • Several new powerful items
Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods
  • Playable by two co-operative players on or LAN
  • Custom skins and graphics
  • 4 playable new heroes with custom abilities
  • Over 30 custom monsters
  • Several custom upgrades for player units
  • New monster level system
  • Fourth difficulty level: Champion
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