Cambera Bounds outside initial camera bounds

When I google, I only se a lot of minimap-related issues caused by changing camera bounds.
I don't really care about the minimap at this time for the boss arena, as long as it works for the "regular" area.

So I have an area outside of the initial camera bounds, that I want to activate later.
When I use the GUI action:
  • Camera - Set the camera bounds for (Picked player) to BossArena <gen>
It successfully sets the camera bounds, but it does not update the "outside-of-map" "unpathable-grayness" of the initial outside-of-camera-bounds.

Is it possible to do?

What I actually want is:
  • Working minimap until I want to move outside of the "regular map".
  • Move outside of the "regular map", and walk, etc. as normal when there (minimap will be F:ed up, but it's ok).

What I mean by "outside-of-map" "unpathable-grayness"
Sample map with minimum example provided
I use version 1.31.1


  • MapCameraBounds.w3m
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You can make a custom minimap of the area you want to set camera bounds to and dynamically change the minimap with the minimap natives;
  • Custom script: call BlzChangeMinimapTerrainTex("war3mapImported\YourMiniMap.blp")
I actually have a working example in my template map Zandalari God Temple / Jungle