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Burrow strike help? +rep

Level 7
Aug 30, 2008
In the spell burrow strike (from dota)

I was wondering how to make a burrow strike like spell for any hero, i saw a tutorial on how to make a jump spell by using crow form and etc.
I was wondering if for this spell instead of using crow form you use burrow?
hope somone could help? :grin:

Oh yeah heres a video on that burrow strike spell (from dota):
YouTube - Confusing Lycantrope

Level 34
Feb 5, 2009
Hm... I know of a way you could accomplish a Burrow Strike. Use the barrage ability. Make it so it realeases one projectile at a time, dealing whatever amount of damage you want with whatever cooldown. Give this ability to the unit you have created which represents the Burrowed unit. If you want to take it to the next level, you could always make it so the Barrage-style ability deals a random amount of damage between 2 integers, for that you'd need a trigger. Let me know if you want the trigger.

Well, if you're doing it like that, you prlly wouldn't want the unit to be able to stay burrowed, so you would base the ability off of Metamorphosis, though I think that would cause issues with the invisibility... let me know if this works or not plz.
Level 7
Dec 18, 2008
Well i gues you could just base the ability on impale and then add some triggers:

Action: Unit --> teleport unit instant to location of ability being cast