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Iconpack downloaded from http://www.wc3sear.ch/

BTNSoulStealer (Icon)

Level 6
Feb 25, 2005
Thank you Gorby! Its real cool. And, lucky me, the passive looks much better than the active one. :roll:

OK, heres the ability it will be used for:

Soul Stealer (renamed it, yours sound better)

The Gnoll Shaman learns from his forefathers. Gives a permanent bonus to Intelligence and gives mana per each kill.
Level 1 - Adds 6 intelligence, gives 4% of max mana per kill.
Level 2 - Adds 12 intelligence, gives 8% of max mana per kill.
Level 3 - Adds 18 intelligence, gives 12% of max mana per kill.

This is not an ability for a melee map, so you know.
And i guess you dont need the triggers here, you allunderstand how its made anyway. :roll:

Thank you again Gorby.