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Just a shield icon. I was planning to make command buttons, but I think they're incompatible with each other.

Shield, gold, trim, buckler

BTNSolarShield (Icon)

12:25, 5th Jan 2015 Sin'dorei300: Nice shield!

The Panda

Icon Reviewer
Level 46
Jun 2, 2008
Some things i see here that need work, I'm not saying these too be mean but too be a nice friend :p

- This shield is kinda the opposite of yours due too yours having the metal in the middle and the linked icon has the metal on the outside of it.
- But the linked icon i gave you gives a different angle as yours is somewhat 2d, which is find but 2d image needs a lot of detail too give that 3d effect too them.
- Also, the yellow circle you have there seems pale, I'm not sure if its wood or just a object around the metal shield but maybe add a wooden texture towards it? And, the metal/gray part is overlapping each other on the top left of it as i can see.
- All together i think it would be a wonderful icon if you fix the angle, fix the yellow object around the shield too maybe a brownish wooden texture? and then fix that overlapping on the top left. Also maybe a small background color? your choice.
Level 20
Nov 4, 2013
It doesn't look like a shield right now. It rather looks like some sort of orb. Choosing a circular shape for a shield is pretty risky if you don't have high skills in icon-making. I'd suggest changing the shape first of all to something like this one. It is the most common shape for a shield. Then, that yellowish thing could be removed to make a completely metallic shield. With metals you can be more artistic as you can put on it signs of rust, dents as if the shield was bashed, glows because it is shiny and so on. However with wood, it's pretty harder! You cannot put signs of rust or glow on it!
Well, that's what I think so far. I hope I've been useful :D