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I've been off for icon making for a while trying to figure out some stuff about skinning... which diden't suceed so well... -.-'
I'm back for iconmaking again i hope you guys like this icon...
I'd use it for frost infernals/ice or some rainofice or some other spell...
Hope you guys like it :).


BTNRainOfIceFrostInfernals (Icon)

11:33, 21st Feb 2010 [email protected]: Make it look more rock-y, not a perfectly round sphere. 24th Feb 2010 [email protected]: No changes made.
Level 14
Dec 24, 2008
The meteors looks too sphered to me. Needs some more deformations. Also the combination of fire and ice meteors doesn't make a good team. Just try to add more deformations on the meteors and skip the fire (or change it with something non red or yellow) and then the icon would be good enough.