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Now I have 3 weapons :) Still WIP need comments^^

Weapon, Star, Morningstar

BTNMorningStar (Icon)

17:27, 18th Aug 2009 oh_snap: Decent work.
Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
it look a bit... unrealistic atm.
the chain has such a shape as if it was lying on a table, but with no background it looks a bit strange imho
but good for a WIP
Level 12
Jan 6, 2009
Destructor [DoR];1271592 said:
If I change the shape of the chain I could redo most of the icon ;(

*Small update: reworked the chain and add some details to the ball.

Well, the importance depends on wether the picture depicts the Morning Star being swung or not.
THis one could use some work. A morning star is a spiked ball on top of a stick. sorta lol.
What you've made is a flail. Anyway the ball of the icon is kinda plain. The spikes don't really stand out so it looks like a 2D plane. also, it seems like you use the blue glow a lot and it doesnt really go with this one that much. I'd try an orange. The shading on the entire weapon needs to be improved. I'd try to highlight each spike individually and make the texture of the ball a little less.. dotty. I don't really see what purpose the ribbons serve on the chain, but a change of color and some shading could make them look like barbs or blades coming off the chain.
Anyway, I'm a fan of all your other item icons, but this one doesn't seem to live up to the others. An update would be awesome. I'd love to give a 5/5 rating.