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Another Icon that unlike my previous works is made from scratch, but I've tried to keep a close resemblence to it's version from WoW.

WoW Icon for comparison:


Edit: I've made some changes suggested by Moonman regarding the icon, mainly adding stars to the image so it'd have more to it than just a simple glow, also I've worked on the sharpness of the edges and improved the glow for the stars so they look even better now.

BTNMoonglow (Icon)

I've already put my thoughts for this :cgrin:
Hi Kaziorotto, I like what you've done with the icon here, keeping it true to the WoW version!

You should double check your tags though, #CommandButton is reserved for replacements to the in-game icons, such as Move, Attack, etc.

Oops. I had no idea that they meant it in first place, but sure I'll fix this later on when I'll be back at home.