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This is an icon for the TIE Interceptor made by Tim. and available here:

For those making Star Wars maps it might come in handy.

You don't have to give me credit if you use it; just enjoy.

Star Wars, TIE, Interceptor

BTNInterceptor (Icon)

09:12, 9th Aug 2010 enjoy: read the rules
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Aug 30, 2004
I sent a message to the Admins.

I just needed a TIE interceptor icon so I grabbed a picture from the Web and threw it into a BTN icon. I figured other people making Star Wars maps would need it too so I uploaded it here. You'll notice I didn't ask for credit for the icon, but you're absolutely right, I should have tracked down the site and posted that for credit.

For future reference it apparently came from a 3d model made by Paulo Gabriel, a student in Brazil.