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Well, as stated in another resource of mine (Mastersword icon) I said I would do a hylian shield too. Here it is. I forgot to save the WIP files, but whatever. Here it is.
Here're 2 variations of it, I decided the 1. one looks a lil more realistic / not too big glow, so i went with it.


update 1 august 28, 2010:

Well, I did something. I'm pretty sure you know which icon inspired me to be like this. For the others who don't, it's the lightning shield neutral passive ability. This is not an edit of it. This is 100% freehand. PLZ more comments and suggestions.

update 2 september 04, 2010:

So, Sunchips made a model that fits this icon very well. It can be found Here

hylian, shield, tloz, ocarina, of, time, zelda

BTNHylianshield (Icon)

10:47, 3rd Sep 2010 [email protected]: Useful