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Icon i made for Ampharos_222's awesome Faceless model.
The model is here
All is 100% freehand, no Screenshot parts.

Enjoy :)

faceless one, hero, mastermind, mental, power, powerful, mage, wizard, warlock

BTNHeroMastermind (Icon)

16:15, 7th Aug 2011 enjoy: Fits the model very nicely. Corresponding resource approved.




16:15, 7th Aug 2011
enjoy: Fits the model very nicely. Corresponding resource approved.
Looks decent, it fits the model very well.
I give this a 3/5. The problem with creating icons for models is that you're limited as to what you can do.
In order to bring out your creativity, your icon has to come from your mind, rather than something you see. That's the main reason that, when I look at your other icons which did come from your mind, I see that they look better. Of course, since the entire point of this icon was to match a model, you didn't have much choice in creativity.
Overall, this icon serves its purpose, and fits in about average.
Btw PeeKay, your icons are too epic, don't compare others to yours. Your icons will make someone else's 5/5 look like crap.
Level 29
Sep 11, 2009
He looks retarded to me because he [why he looks retarded].. Also he looks fat because [reason for why he looks fat]..
I would change it by [suggestions on how to change it]

EDIT: I see moderator (Enjoy) changed my post..

He looks retarded because of the way he's hiding in his veil, Looks like he just threw a paper ball on his teacher and then hid in his veil to laugh. Also, the eyes aren't symmetrical.

He looks fat because of his Cheeks, they are too round

Other things i would change : The angles you did aren't the same everywhere.

ALSO : - ENJOY - : ''You call that constructive? Let me show you how it's done..'' WELL.. 16:15, 7th Aug 2011
ENJOY: ''Fits the model very nicely. Corresponding resource approved''.

Looks like you failed to show me.
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