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Goblin Hold Dinamite

Represents a misc goblin ability.

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=> More Saturated [09:53, 13th Sep 2011]
Bomb, Granade, Detonate, Suicide, Explosive, Attack, Squad, Techies, Kaboom, Fire, Candle, Burn, Die.

BTNGoblinHoldDinamite (Icon)

20 Sept 2011 Pyramidhe@d: Looks good
Level 26
Jun 5, 2008
The goblin suicide are natural.
But I understood what you meant.

Aaactually, the goblins are geniuses. For the most part. Sappers go kamikaze, they blow themselves up for a purpose. I don't think they kill themselves due to dropping a stick of dynamite though. ;S
The killing of themselves happens when they experiment trying to fix new weapons using unstable concoctions they mixed together in their fancy little labs. ;S

Nevertheless, always nice to see goblin icons. ;D