Generic Sword
A simple sword I drew in class. Twas' fun making it.

Credit much appreciated!
generic, basic, simple, sword

BTNGenericSword (Icon)

01:29, 11th Apr 2010 enjoy: Simple, but nice. I like it, and it might be useful.




01:29, 11th Apr 2010
enjoy: Simple, but nice. I like it, and it might be useful.
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May 1, 2008
Ohh didn't see, you made another Icon =)

Hmm a generic sword? ... it looks so generic, that it isn't generic anymore =S

I think you can leave this generic sword behind you and change this into some powerful sword.

For example make the sword more metallic. Also I think you can do something with the blade, maybe a better "3D View" and maybe some (rune) signs on it.

Something like that, because trust me you can do more and actually maybe we don't need a simple Generic Sword. But the background is cool =)

So everthing in points:
... no, I can't give a rating for you dude (or girl), because I know that you can do more. If I see this picture and remember your arrow icon ... no! you can do more! and you should change this generic sword into something else =) [Or create another sword icon <-- what ever you like =) ]

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Feb 2, 2010
One good way for me to learn is by putting many of my works in my album, and then asking people to check 'em out and see what they think, then i change it and then i put the ones who had some great critique out :).
Hive'rs also like something that is absolutly stunning!
It could be so insane, it could be a burning flower for an example, or a frozen skull with a cloud over!
It just have to look good and that you can see what the icon itself means.
I think you could use your fantasy or your imagination like hell... just draw what you feel for !
I've also discoverd that if you train much in drawing with a real pencil in real world, you sucess quite good when you draw on your computer!
Something that realy gives the final touch of a sword, is a sword handle :/!
It's the final piece of the puzzle :).
And it's also a great oppertonity to leap away with your imagination.
You could make your handle like a snake,lion,star... anything!
But i think you realy should add a handle :).
Even though an awesome work as your secound work!
EDIT: 4/5 too btw :) will switch to 5/5 if it will be better :).
I see now that you dont know how to draw handels !
No problem, google for swords in the same time you have your drawing program and then you just try drawing different handels slow... till you can do it without that picture.
Good Luck My Friend!
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Very simple, very generic, but it has his charm. It drawn clearly and detailed, has a fitting background and the look of a sword. You really have talent, no doubt. But as said before, you should do something to make it a powerful sword, for example some runes (what about these: ᛊᚹᛟᚱᛞ [if not readable, check the link in my signature] )
PS: yep, these +rep text are visible. ;)