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Well, its a fire belt. No CnP. I kinda stole the logo from MTG though. Its the logo for the Morningtide set. Yeah, full pic looks a lot better I think, but oh well.

BTNFireBelt (Icon)

10:32, 26th Jul 2011 Pyramidhe@d: Simple but good.
Level 14
Dec 29, 2009
People tend to make this mistake but...THE NAME DOES NOT MATTER,RENAME IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT.

Not true. The name matters. How would you feel if someone you knew.. say a brother, told you he was going to take you to the movies. He said the name of the movie was one you had been dieing to see... then you got there, and found out it wasn't that movie, the name was totally different.

See my point?
Level 9
May 14, 2011
Then the keywords matter but not the name,stop fussing over it. Besides,you can rename the icon,just like renaming the movie if you find it not fit