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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Iconpack downloaded from http://www.wc3sear.ch/

BTNFireAxe (Icon)

» Wolverabid « Date= 26th of January, 2008 Approval status= Ignored Rating= None Notices: [x] Incorrect DISBTNs.




» Wolverabid «

Date= 26th of January, 2008
Approval status= Ignored
Rating= None


[x] Incorrect DISBTNs.
Level 3
Oct 14, 2005
Boy am I going to use this icon. I'm going to put this icon on one of my legendary weapons. I'm not sure if there are any WoW players here, but I was thinking about using it on Sulfaras, the Hand of Ragnaros. It's a mace, but this icon sort of looks like a mace, especialy Sulfaras. Well enough of my WoW chatter, 5/5 icon and great work Dice. Line me up for some more icons like these. :D
Level 4
Feb 16, 2006
Really. I wouldn't go to all the trouble to go and steal someone's icon, and then change it a little, and submit it like it was my own. I respect other peoples hard work, and would never copy.
But, if Daelin wants me to delete it, I will.
Level 2
Apr 29, 2007
It's a little hard to make out. If I looked at it without previous knowledge that it was supposed to be a weapon I would never think it was. But still looks pretty cool. I would expect more like a metal axe with a fiery aura. Otherwize that just looks like some fire thing, not really an axe. Sorry if you don't really understand what I'm saying lol. But still, sweet looking model.