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A dodge/evade/invisibility icon for that warden model. good fot rogues, thieves, assassins, shadowdancers, stealthers, etc

Give credits if used, i mean it.

If uploaded in Hiveworkshop, the credits can be put on the map description, if not, put it on the loading screen.

Night, Elf, Elven, Evade, Invisibility, Quick, Fast, Dodge, Assassin, Dark, Stealth

BTNEvadeNE (Icon)

Whitehorn: Tested and approved.
Level 2
Jul 29, 2009
Love the Icon! usefull for a couple things like a mirror image or windwalk =P, TheBizz, if you mean how do you make your units kind of invisible but still visible you have to use a trigger, the easiest one i can think of would be

Event: Unit - A Unit Learns a Spell
Condition: (Learned Hero Spell) Equal to Evasion
Action1: Wait 0.10 Seonds (I only do this to be sure the hero has the skill)
Action2: Animation - Change (Learning Hero)'s vertex coloring to (100.00%, 100.00%, 100.00%) with (10 x (Real((Level of Evasion for (Triggering unit)))))% transparency