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Creature Decay...

Photoshop 1 Hour + Wacom tablet...


Creature Decay, Undead, spell, death coil

BTNCreatureDecay (Icon)

22:25, 28th Sep 2011 Pyramidhe@d: Useful
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Level 31
Sep 11, 2009
This is hot. o_O

It may look blurry because Hive previews are in JPG, which has a lower quality threshhold than other types.

that's not really true. It's because of the Blp conversion. People saying their icons will look like png in game is just pure bullshit... If you want to see what your icon looks like, just check the blp version after the conversion...

but yes, there is a little color change sometimes (caused by hiveworkshop), happens a lot with red for some reason.
Level 17
Jul 1, 2010
well I wasn't exactly aiming for a perfect imitation...I wanted to add my own style...anyway I'm gonna improove the background a little, it looks undefined and the meat coming off the hand...:D i was going initially for a demonic look but then I got the idea to make it look like Death Coil that's why it's not perfect.
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