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During my Scourge of Lordaeron 2Player times, before I switched to the Campaign Singleplayer one, I struck out to use the ordinary Chaplain (Human Priest) in the game files for Player 2's team. When I looked on Hive Workshop's forum for the icon of that priest, I was fairly disappointed and didn't like what I found. A close friend gave me the icon picture edit he had done of a priest and I simply turned into an icon. Although he left, our work is left behind. However, I do not wish my work to collect dust. Although it is a very simple edit, I present to you a "Bandit Priest/Chaplain's Icon" for the "Human Priest" that exists in the model editor called "HumanMage". I hope you find use of it. Note that this could also be useful for the Kul'Tiras Navy, as they used Chaplains and Emissaries in their time.

Note: Uploaded due to request of some users who asked permission to extract it from my map. So, here you go. No need to extract. Just simply download. This Icon is very useful for 2Player maps that worry about the filesize and want to use the Human Mage model. This icon fulfills that dream.

Human, Priest, Mage, Chaplain, Caster, Bandit, Renegade, Wizard, Kul'Tiras, Sorcerer, Apprentice, Emissary,

BTNChaplain (Icon)

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