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Just another icon ,

Feel the nature's wrath !!!

Cenarius, Demigod, Nature, Kalimdor, Ashenvale, Night Elf, Leaf, Vine, Entangled, Treant, Wood, Forest.

BTNCenariusHand (Icon)

11:58, 10th Jun 2014 Sin'dorei300: Lookin' good.
The hand looks more like a tentacle. And it has too much black linear's. You also made an outline, it doesn't fit-well. You should add more vines/leafs near the hand. It is also too much defined, you have two outlines black and green around the hand. The background is In my opinion terrible, blurry and un-fitting. These kind of backgrounds are more fitting with 3D Icons. In this case this is a 2D -Painted Icon. The proper background should be a black one.