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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
I had a scary nightmare that returned two times when i was ill, and this guy was always trying to eat me.
You can imagine how i felt the morning... :S well i tryied to draw his face and this is what i came up with.
I think it fits like a "Blood Frenzy or some rampage spell".
It's up to you how you use it.
It's also up to you if you want to leave any credits for me but i dont require that if you download and use my icons.
Hope you guys like it.
Would be funny if somebody made some zombie model of my nightmare zombie :3!
Text me if you see it as a fun challenge :).

*Added a tongue.
*Added some more teeths.
*Resized to a square.
*Big picture the same.


BTNBloodFrenzy (Icon)

00:56, 5th May 2010 [email protected]: Tracing does not count as freehand. Dont ever do this again. Consider this as your last warning.
Level 10
Feb 2, 2010
There's never a icon that i've uploaded where i haven't heard the words "CNP" on :3.
It's like i've read a fking tutorial to get my icons look CNP... -.-.
Well it would be strange if there's a picture like this one anywhere because it' scoming from my dream.
Thanks for the feed, i'll put up new update later!
I have no dreams too... but if I see one, it is very wierd. I didnt sayed what this is CnP.
You just made a zombie in picture that dont have size a*a, but a*b.
Tutorial helped you a lot. The zombie looks good and very zombish (XD).
AT 64*64 it is visible what original picture wasnt square. Most of people that do CnP are taking not squared pictures.

This is NOT CnP, but resizing kinda mess proportions. I sugest you to wrap the guy. That is all.
ugghh. the fact that you scaled it unpropotionatley in to make it fit the icon size, makes it look so stretched horozontaly. and it makes it look very wierd.
also, the jaw is like somthing you would see out of a cartoon. its like, unattached to the upper jaw it seems. Try to make it look like a real mouth and not like its somthing you would see from a nutcracker zombie.
Level 12
Jan 12, 2010

Quality is really very important: making a scratch icon will not be enough if it is poorly done. Throwing in some filters will generally not produce an acceptable result. Make sure that the final icon is detailed (not blurry or badly resized) and looks good in the game. Icons lacking an active alpha channel will not be approved.

I suggest u to try to improve that resize, The rest are very well.
And if u improve that resize I'll vote for approve =)
Level 10
Feb 2, 2010
Great :3 no filters used but i'll try fix the resize.
EDIT:"Improve that resize" Well... i've put the orginal in button manager and the squared one also... and the icons comes out 100% simulair... so i dont know what'sha talking about ! :D!!!
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Level 10
Feb 2, 2010
1. This one is acually before the brighter.
2. I diden't write in description that i had doing any changes because i dont think i realy have.
I just changed my mind about them and i like this one more.
3. I dont like you anyway so stop comment this icon if you dont like it.