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Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
1. I don't do that cheap stuff CnP how could you say that?

2. You don't need to rate or download this - its a TEMPLATE for designing NEW autocast icons, its not a icon to use in the game you teneur you comment too much on my icons. Just stay out of it I know what I have to do.

3. For novice map makers ignore down rated votes by teneur2g as he is a highly skilled iconer himself and is judging that. Just ignore the vote downloaders and carry on as if this guy didn't register.
Level 3
Apr 5, 2004
im rating every icons, i will soon rate the 950 icons, it's my goal :D i just started to rate yours beceause i fell on one of your icons by mistake
i indeed know it's a template, but i can do exactly the same image by making a black icon with nothing on it and apply an autocast border with w3m map utulities.

nevermind, it's a good idea for people that don't have the template
you should also make a disabled template and a passive border
Level 3
May 3, 2004
This icon is very useful. But becouse it is an empty icon i won't rate it. But thanks alot Sopho! :D