Brotherhood Banners

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Brotherhood Banners
A 1v1 melee map that uses my custom Westfall grass and cliff texture. Westfall seems forgotten not only in-lore by the Kingdom of Stormwind, but by resident map makers as well...

Admittedly, the map isn't something you haven't seen already. One of the textures has not been optimized because otherwise it looks godawful, but if you want to use those textures and you want to optimize it yourself, feel free (as long as you give credits).

A country teared apart from outlaws and highwaymen, Westfall is part of the Kingdom of Stormwind only on paper. These fertile grounds are ripe for conquering by whoever is strong enough to defeat the Defias Brotherhood that has occupied this land.

Map Specifics


Creep Camps
2 10 1

Neutral Buildings

Gold Mines
The shortest route from base to base is full of chockpoints, which means you can easily fortify from a direct attack. You also have the higher ground there, so it will be harder for the enemy to breach your base. However, you can easily run out of gold.

Some of the yellow creep camps are deceptively simple. Beware!





-Fixed description

You may alter this map in any way you desire, just don't forget to give me credits if you do!

Booty Bay

Brotherhood Banners (Map)

My review for this map:
  • Terrain is good for a melee map, but I offer you to work more on the Terrain
  • Gold mines are placed in their certain areas
  • You used Thick Grass and this is nice
  • The number of Creep Camps are good and placed in their certain areas
  • You've made good use of doodads in this map like the vilages and trees surrounded by the rocks
You've made a usefull melee map. I rate this map 4/5!

Good luck
Level 25
Oct 2, 2011
Creep camp rewards seems balanced.
No player have position advantage. Good symmetrecy.
Gold Expansions could be argued that they are too large, but considering there is only one expansion per player, it works.

The terrain is interesting, but not very well done at all times. The city areas and the base areas have good tiles and decorations, but the tiles in most other places looks a little strange. I guess it is the green and orange grass combined, which still makes it looks fancy though. I don't quite like the imprted clidd, but blizard cliffs aren't that great either. 5/10 in this field.

A working melee map with some interesting terrain choices.

(you should remove the booty bay link at the bottom of the description though)