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Broken Sorrows AoS/RPG

Level 1
Aug 28, 2008
There are many good maps out there but how many great maps are there. To me a great map is a map that is well balanced, has a great replay value and Give the game a unique spin. Now, there are many problems though with making a map one is not having a great team to work on it with. Another is keeping things organized well enough so everyone can work together on it. And lastly is creating original Ideas for the map. That being said her is some of the things about Broken Sorrows.

There are a few maps out there that are AoS/RPG maps but where do they go wrong. None of theme for the most part tell a story and if they do it is a static story (meaning it never really changes) That being said I want to create a map that does have main story that is static, but also a secondary story that is created from race/class that is dynamic. This aspect will not be easy but will be worth it. I want to create a map that also takes from other types of maps examples are Impossible Bosses, This is to create a really good AI that makes the bosses difficult but not impossible. And an arena system that allows people to duel each other for no experience but glory. Along these same lines I want the map to have a D&D theme with the characters. Such as if you equip a weapon it will determine your damage such as a dagger doing 1-3 damage but very quick to attacking. Another aspect will be the placement of attacks such as behind someone in order to deal more damage. That is enough for now about the RPG Aspect of the map now to the AoS. Class balance will be needed to complete this aspect.

AoS maps alot of times have problems balancing Heroes. In order to correct this I want to make the map where one hero type is specifically good for taking out another. For example Barbarians are extremely scared of magic so a Mage for example will be designed to take out a barbarian whereas A Barbarian will be strong versus a rogue. Lastly a rogue will be perfect at getting a mage such as sneaking up one him will be able to go after a mage and quickly hurt him. Also we will have to balance out making the RPG aspects with this map with the AoS. The main quest will actually give bonuses to the the team alliance to give an advantage to the map. Also balancing the Ultimate weapon given from the individual quest so that a player can adapt to his/her playing style or even to that of the other teams to help give them an advantage such as for a mage who keeps getting killed by a rogue an armour that gives them the blink ability every so many seconds and give them a damage reduction to weapons.

Balancing will be the hardest but the most effective way to make a map fun and fair. A few of the unique spins have been listed above to make the map a have a great replay value. Now from here who would like to help make this map. I currently have 2 others working with me on the map from ClanBoM and I am looking to add more. If I intrested you with this post please read more on Clan BoM - Bringer of Maps • View topic - Broken Sorrows (RPG/AoS) for more details about the map.

Another thing to keep in mind I am a full time student at the University of North Texas and I have about a year and half till I graduate so this gimps my total time to work on the project. In order to rectify this problem I need good active team members who will help with this project. Please contact me via pm if you are interested in helping we would be happy to add you as a part of the team.