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Elf Guardian Warrior

BloodElfGuardian (Model)

General Frank: (Approved) Model works and performs well.




General Frank:


Model works and performs well.
Level 9
May 7, 2005
very good. this is the final version? i mean, now thatit has custom anims, and everything is fixed. no more of these strange bulk-ups for an elf.

very good 5/5, but u could make a custom skin tough
Level 3
Feb 11, 2005
i dont rlly lke the texture used on the Shoulder plates... doesnt look very authentic
The icon is nt rlly bad, but could be wey better, for one thing... doesnt very... alive... he looks stale.
Another is a small flaw if u were tryin to mimic Blizzard design, Elves hav these... REALLY long eye brows that doesnt seem aperent here at all. Other wise for the model in general... NOW THIS IS WOT IM TLKING ABOUT!
Level 9
Apr 2, 2005
No offense dude but i liked the icon more then the model,4/5 for the model and 5/5 for the i said no offense
Level 10
Mar 11, 2004
honestly the model doesn't look that great i suggest upping his poly count a bit add more detail, and a custom skin wouldn't be to bad
that would just add lame kilobytes.

Let's be practical people, no one will act like an art critic when playing a map, the unit only has to look nice from far and to have good animations, no one would care on the polycount or say "IT doesn't have a custom skin, burn !!!"

And no offense, but when someone spawns a high poly model with lot of details and a huge skin with tons of details. I get offended, I think it is rude to do so and kind of selfish to think I am going to make that guy the favor of sacrificing 500KB of my map only to import a model because it "looks nice" . As if the reason my map has to exist is to feed the ego of an artist.

Also ignore the screenshot, looks much better in game in conjunction with the animations.

Elves hav these... REALLY long eye brows

That's not a rule, you can for example check wc2's elf archer. Though probably it could look better with that.
Level 2
Feb 21, 2005
a little blocky, but that might just be because its so close, overall though, great model, i love it! And the picture is awsome! 10/10

except, i cant get it to show up in the editor??did this happen to anybody else??
Level 3
Feb 26, 2005
it allways crashes on my pc... i select it to give it to a unit and worldedit.exe has a problem.... the thing is, I use the same custom textures with a normal size for other models...... could that be a problem??? :?
Level 1
Jun 13, 2005
Why do your textures (.blp) weight 0 kb??? :?

Maybe that's why we cannot load the model in our editor!!

Anyway... KOOL! :lol:
Level 5
Oct 17, 2006
Nice onne i think that most off your models are great keep up the good work but... the icon is a little wierd. (no offense) :wink:
Level 13
Jul 26, 2008
Pros - It's well armored and has custom textures. It looks fairly decent.
Cons - In game the face is flat, almost like it's using a custom texture with no highlights or shading. The frame also looks very blocky. It's a bit rough on the eyes. :(
Perhaps where it has the hardest time is the animations. They're custom, which is fantastic, but they're also stiff and unrealistic.
You should consider purchasing a wooden or paper doll to understand anatomy, and read up on tutorials and learn about the way the human body moves. I applaud your attempt at using custom animations, don't stop. But don't expect great results without training.

Usefulness - Not really much. It's got a nice, low file size, but the model isn't too appealing at it's current state.

An important side note: Since this was submitted in 2005 and Mc ! is one of the top modelers/skinners I've seen, this is me just brushing up on my critiqueing and giving advice for new comers. However if Mc ! went back and redid this model, I could imagine it'd be a stunning model.
Level 3
Jun 20, 2009
You need to download WC3 Image Extractor 2 and look under treeview or listview and find the skins. Save the images in the folder and it will replace the skins.
Level 8
Jul 9, 2017
Maybe YOU have to learn that this model is more than 12 years old and that were just the beginnings of wc3 modding, eh?
Who are you even to criticize? I don't see much work and effort from you. No offence.
Calm down, why are you so butthurted dude? Animations are really of bad condition, that's the fact I see. I have a right to criticize like everyone else. If you're not critics-proof then time to learn it otherwise you look like really poor person.
No offense.

And yeah, I'm learning too. My first works are lame so I do not upload them. I have nothing against @Mc! though, some people may like his model. You're bearing my little opinion way too much.