Blood Knights (Huntress Derivative)

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"The Faith of the Light shines upon anyone called by it."
"As Death itself came upon our homes. My surviving people became famished of magic,
I too also felt the draining of our birthright. But I was never empty of soul, purpose and fire through my faith."

Edited Huntress models turned into Lynx riding Blood Knights.
This was used for a planned BE Campaign rework with custom techtree (Screenshot below) inspired by Sevenblood's work but i'm not good at triggers
also I don't have time to do it anymore (I even have completely terrained map for it lmao)

This edit came thru a lot of redos. I'm still trying to find my HE version will also release it once I found it.
Lynx Texture by @Bagysta

Update: Edited Lynx Model to have more sharper-longer earlobes(?) and longer/heavier manes and beard that looks like the wow versions, I did my best lmao
On the animation feedback raising the hand's swing anim @ attack 1 makes it jankier in my taste I might be doing it wrong tho, so I did not continue trying to
edit the animation cos am bad at it.


Blood Knight Lynx Update (Model)

Blood Knight Lynx Update Portrait (Model)

Blood Knights (Huntress Derivative) (Model)

Blood Knights (Huntress Derivative) Portrait (Model)

Level 1
Mar 3, 2012
This model is amazing. There seems to be a problem, however: In-game I am unable to select her by clicking on her directly.