This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
  • Naval unit for the Human Kingdoms and Factions
  • Change the "Art - Projectile Launch - Y" to "115" and "Art - Projectile Launch - Z" to "120"
  • Please give proper credits when using any model/s or icon/s from this pack.
  • Do not edit without permission
  • Do not upload any part of this pack to other sites

  • changed the design a bit. added a rope that connects the sails to the body as a form of support.
  • added a recoil to the attack animation
  • attached the attack particles to the main bone
  • added Stormwind Battleship and icons
  • fixed attachments (origin ref and overhead ref)
  • added Lordaeron Battleship with icons including Scarlet version


These models takes time and effort to make. And due to current state of the global economy we found ourselves in different hard circumstances. Anyhow your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Please consider supporting me via the links below :

PayPal: PayPal.Me/bakrKev12

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Gilneas Battleship (Icon)

Gilneas Battleship (Model)

Gilneas Battleship TC (Model)

Kultiras Battleship (Icon)

Kultiras Battleship (Model)

Kultiras Battleship TC (Model)

Lordaeron Battleship (Icon)

Lordaeron Battleship (Model)

Lordaeron Battleship Scarlet (Icon)

Pirate Battleship (Icon)

Pirate Battleship (Model)

Pirate Battleship TC (Model)

Stormwind Battleship (Icon)

Stormwind Battleship (Model)

Stormwind Battleship V1 (Model)

Stormwind Battleship V1 (Icon)

Stromgarde Battleship (Icon)

Stromgarde Ship (Model)

General Frank
The Decay animation on the Kultiras variant is faulty. Please fix that.
Level 35
Feb 11, 2020
Cool that you have TC and non-TC versions, and the work of a building master is seen on the ship cabins 🙂 By the way, it might be a good idea to add some slam animations for the side cannons.
Its actually part of the plan to utilize the side cannons but I'm still learning how to create custom animations rather than borrowing them from other models. In future update for sure
Level 10
Jul 20, 2022
Great update sir bakr 👍. Any chance that the sails of the Pirate Ship gets a jolly roger because it more like a civilian battleship or maybe give it to the Syndicate faction 🤔.
Level 10
Jul 20, 2022
Those battleships are great!
Yep sir bakr program his battleship too not to spawn on the ground when build in the shipyard which is a breakthrough, something that the devs in OG Warcraft 3 forgot to do 👍.